Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 wishlist

to be faithful to You like how faithful You have been to me
to draw near to You and be more like You =)

have a healthy lifestyle
(this has been on my list for many many years..time to make it happen)
*fingers crossed*

be a proud owner of a new home

be more spendthrift
spend what i need not on all that i want! haha! =P 

have the wisdom to start the right business

work towards this goal passionately

conquer this giant!!!

commit all this is Your precious name..Amen!

-thanks faithful listener-

counting my blessings for 2012

2012 has been an amazing year for sure!!!
although there are times when i felt really down..
i had my faithful Lord, supportive family and love one, great true friends!!
what more can i ask for if my Lord has been with me!! =)

here is a brief memories of what God has blessed me with...

gong xi fa cai with my healthy family! =)

happy birthday mummy!

valentines gifts =)

my bestie is engaged!

holiday at lumut

watched the best stand up comedy ever!!

sawadeekap Bangkok and Pattaya!!!

salam soree Jakarta!

celebrated -us- being together for 4 years..

happy birthday to me!

my brother is married!!!!

my first team building..and i organized it =)

congrats nissafwan!

magical christmas in disneyland!!!!

it was an amazing year..thanks u for all the blessings and lessons throughout the year..for all that have been true to me..thank u so much!!

looking forward to a greater 2013....

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas in hong kong and macau!!!

on the 15th of december..i flew to hongkong!!!! =) it was a 6 days trip including carols and decorations was everywhere!!!

hello hong kong!

as soon as i we went to ngong ping 360! this is at the famous lantau island....

ngong ping 360..where the famous buddha is..
i took the crystal cabin and it was really nice... =) overlooking the ocean!

day 2 was fun at ocean park..there were no many animal shows..from birds to seals and dolphins! the rides were cool too!! there was a reversing roller coaster!!! headache!!!

avenue of stars was also a must visit attraction..the view was really nice especially during christmas..some buildings were brightly lighted up with season greetings!! =)

found bruce lee! =P

next on the list is The Peak and Madame Tussauds!! we went to the top by bus and down by tram =)

look who we found!!!

 going down.....bye Peak! =P

 day 4 was off to Macau....the queue at the immigration was crazy! we took the turbo jet to was only 50 minutes..quite comfy!

Venetian and Macau Tower was the main attractions..
st paul ruins too!!!

last two days of our amazing holiday was spent in disneyland!!!!! a place where magical dreams come true and we had a magical christmas!!!!!!

this was one of our best getaway together!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

hello kitty town, johor

this is really back dated! sorry! i went to hello kitty town back in actually exceeded my expectation.. =) will give you some ideas of what the place look like from my pictures..and some of my comments! =)

the entrance

hello kitty bed!!!!

another one!

this is around a 'hello kitty' house
this is the kitchen!

my family in the living room..haha!

besides just touring around the house..there are 2 attractions that i didnt play cause it was more for kids..firstly is the spinning cups and another one was the real life size spot the differences...

there are 5 activities that each visitor can attend...jewellery making, costume and photograpy, doll making (must pay separate from ticket), cookie baking and lastly nail painting =)

cookie making!!
pretty and yummy too! =)

nail painting....

food time!!!
there is only one cafe...

 mr and mrs kitty! =)

 it was quite a lot of fun around hello kitty..however, it was more suitable for those with kids, i strongly encourage you to go =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1 & 2: Legoland and JPO...

a weekend in Johor...early in the morning...time to head to LCCT for my flight to Senai Airport, Johor...wasnt really looking forward to meetings and customers..but more of a fun weekend away!!!

sorry for this blur picture..
was taken from my seat in the plane and it was raining!!

day one was not much of a i went to JPO (johor premium outlet) and bought quite a lot of things!!! my early christmas presents for myself! HAHA! =)

charles & keith hand bang and heels!
a top and earrings from flow...
all these bargains for only less than RM150!! =)
very happy me!!!! weeee~!!

full day off on Sunday...this means hello legoland!!!! time to check out this new theme park..only opened on September 2012...gonna show you all many many pictures..totally an awesome place for kids!!

im here!!!!

did not forget my map for sure! =)

ahhh!! sharks!!! =)

cute pigeons too...

can i have a lick of his ice cream? haha..SCREAM!

imagination land!!

love this fountain...
every place you sit the tune of the instrument plays!! nice....

4D movie time!! peace! =)

wigwam!! feel like a red indian..haha!

playing in a tree a kid! fun..!!

middle east?? must be sponsered by ambank! haha!

this is very tiring..
i had to pull myself up!!!

there is an area which is 'miniland' is places of the world built in lego!!!! very very unique and exactly like what you see in the country!!!

Taj Mahal in India...

a boat near Wat Arun, Thailand

Wat Arun, Thailand

KLCC, Malaysia!!!

a crazy soaking wet ride!!! FUN!!!

 all in all i would say, the park is not fully equipped is catered more for kids..but i think in years to come..teenagers and young adults will have lots of fun too!!! see you again in years to come!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-