Thursday, October 8, 2009

bad start..good ending

early yesterday morning..i woke up feeling nervous..i had to prepare my slides for my presentation..i was incharge of the introduction, objective, problem for my techcomm presentation..n i was not prepared!! i haven memorize my lines...ahhhhh....

at 2pm..i was really nervous as i noe the standard my lecturer was looking for..n to make things worse..we only found out we forgot to print our outline of our presentation...RUSH!!!!!!

but i thank presentation wen on well..i did not forget my lines n i had guts to look rite at my strict lecturers eyes!!! (altho she seems like a monster!)

me..the 1st speaker

the professional cherry blossom

after its done..i told myself not to b nervous bout it is we continued with our las interview which i tot wud b very difficult..

but surprisingly..the boss was so nice..we was so helpful n he made so much jokes that the stress we had was forgotten for that moment.. =D thanks uncle!!!

once i got home..i felt worried again for how we did in our presentation..did we do ok? did we do badly? were we boring?...grrrr...


since i got my 5km run to accomplish this saturday..i suggested that we go jogging at ilmu n aisyah was running while yati was our supporter..hehe..she sat by the lake reading readers digest..

2 lovely gurls at the lovely uniten lake..

im now happy that everything is over..gonna enjoy this weekend to the fullest!!! =) gonna go to the gym for jogging again...need to b boost up n ready for 'run for the nation'..

that's all for now..tata peeps!!!

-thanks faithful listener-