Wednesday, October 7, 2009

70% done!!!

i jus came back from coe food court since 7.30pm..6 hours!!! grrr...i was in a discussion for my techcomm..we were suppose to finish our long report (yes..we did!)..and do our presentation slides..(we divided the job n promised to compile 2moro at noon)..

the main problem of my group was to get the maid agency to be involved in our 1st..we searched in kajang..we were not entertained..huhu..den we sort of gave up..nearing to the date..we searched nearby areas like bangi, cheras and serdang..but there were none!!! ahhhh...

finally las weekend wen i wen for dinner in puchong..i passed by so many maid agencies..n i started jotting down their contact numbers..but no one wanted to b interviewed wen we called up for an appointment..huhu..(den how??) we decided to drive there n ask them face to face..(this might show our seriousness and sincerity)..we had 6 agencies in mind..n the 1st 4 turned us down very rudely.. =(

Setia Karib Maid Agency was the rude..i asked if they cud spare us sum time for a real short interview..the lady answered me sarcastically "what if i say no?"..cant she answer properly?!..yes i noe u mite b busy n im not giving u u haf to treat us so rudely????!!!

but finally..we found kind hearted people..MR&S maid agency and Perimbun maid agency were the two companies who treated us like their customers and they willingly spare us sumtime for the interview..altho we can clearly c them busy with paper work..thanks so much for the made our 'data for interview' section complete!! thanks!!!!

now..the only thing i gotta prepare is my speech for the presentation (hopefully will go on smoothly..den complete the 30%) ..but im kinda prepared since i prepared the introduction n conclusion which is my point for presentation...

so now before i sleep..i shud play one round of game to release stress..n prepare for my cell group notes this coming friday...(bible time!)

oh ya..about 2 weeks fren, william introduced me to a new game..'plants vs zombies' not really addicted to it yet..haha..YET!

this is the list of zombies im suppose to kill in order to go to the nex level..

this are the plants i need to plant to attack the zombies

c the fireballs? that kills the zombies..
c the sun? that gives points..points are used to buy plants..

this is a free round given..we can hammer the zombies to death..haha

money collected after every round wil b used to buy new plants with new power!

i hope i wont b addicted to this game since finals are jus around the corner..n oh ya..i need to design my timetable for nex sem by friday..i dunno which lecturer to take..gary used to help me..but now who can i ask?? im lost..huhu..

okie..gotta go do my techcomm..wish me luck for my presentation with a very strict n perfectionist kinda lecturer...huhu...

-thanks faithful listener-

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