Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BBQ Chicken

i had sum 'buy 1 free 1' coupons for BBQ Chicken, Korea's no.1 chicken i tot of having dinner there with my frens...the food was 8/10★..the service was 7/10★...all in all it was ok!! :)

we bought this fish cutlet for RM12.90

and got this BBQ Chicken Wings free..RM9.80

we bought this chicken spaghetti for RM11.90

and got this Jerk BBQ for free!!! RM15.90

wondering wer to get these coupons...u can get it from pro-direct at RM29.90 for about 30 u can eat 30 times!! wow!!! :P

these are wer they are located...check it out!,com_storelocator/Itemid,65/

-thanks faithful listener-

22nd --> 29th march

nothing special bout this period of time...its jus that i was having finals then!!!! a very stressful time....but all work n no play makes us dull!!!! this week was not only filled with books..but! *stress reliever*

mask time... :)
wen exams are near..pimples also increases!!! ahhhh!

went on one fun fair ride to scream all we wan!! good way to release the fear! :)

EAT!!! mushroom meal..hehe

1) kicap ayam with potato n mushroom
2) cabbage with mushroom
3) egg with mushroom

we jus LOVE mushroom... :)

EAT again!!! *cooking is fun*

1) sting ray asam pedas
2) black pepper mushroom
3) stir fried beans

home cook food is jus yummy!!! i did delivery service for this meal too..hehe

never try this people during finals..
very heaty!! but we cud not resist.. :P

dun worry too much...we are not those who jus play play play n have all the fun in the world...of coz we faced our books too!!! we din lie u proof!!

book worms..haha


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

finals are over!!! weee~!

im very very happy done with my 3rd year in more year to go..hehe... :) today i sat for my las paper...n yeah..thanks to my dsp tutor for all the tips that did not come out!!!! grrrrr......

cracking head for the answer

i sat for 6 papers this sem....all were jus ok-ok...none were very easy..neither any was like super duper urm.........time 2 enjoy now!!! :)

im kinda excited for there are many things lined up 2moro to do........

1) go find a house to rent....hopefully the RM450 house in sg chua is presentable
2) go desa water!!! sponsored by career team *ahem*
3) haf dinner with ♥

i jus cant wait for tomorrow!!! :D

for those stil having finals...all the best!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i need a better memory!

im gonna have my last final exam paper n i really need good memory as there will b lots of formula to memorize!!! n im jus done with my 2nd las paper!!! but the tips im gonna tell u in awhile mite not help me..cause i only haf less than 24 hours...but u can try n definitely benefit from it.....

these are the 10 things u shud add abundantly to ur meals!!!


onions..all the 3 colours work!

cherries n green

red beet


egg plant




try them n c how much ur memory can improve...probably nex sem i will love memorizing things...hahahaha... :P

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Friday, March 26, 2010

thanks readers!!!

i have finally reached the number!!!!

u readers make my day!!!!!
thanks so much for dropping by and all the comments!!! :)

all my readers r in it...hehe :D

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh NO!!!!!!!

Finals are here!!!!!!!
im sitting for 4 papers this time...
excluding 2 lab tests which are DONE!!!

i will pray for u guys to have:-

1) good grades

2) wisdom

3) good memory

4) peace n calmless tru out the final exam week


-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Satay Pondok, USJ

i jus found out another place to have delicious satay...its good news for those near usj..this place is situated near the shop lots in usj 8/2b...

this is the shop...

its not very posh place of coz..hehe..its like a mamak shop..there are other food selling too...i tried ayam satay only..the 'kuah' is yummy too..can compete with kajang hj. samsuri satay..hehe...

ayam: RM0.65
daging: RM0.75
kambing: RM1.00

this is otak-otak kempis..RM0.60 each
i love this!! yummy~!



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Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

oops...this post is not so alice in wonderland..but more of alice in mid valley..hehe...i went to mid valley with the intention to haf dinner n watched the movie..but sadly..we were kinda we jus went for dinner and watch "alice in mid valley"..hehe.. :P

can u imagine mid valley looked like this??? haha

there were flowers with faces...

i was invited to man hatters tea party

mr blue catterpillar grown up..hehe

huggy mr horsey!

valerie in wonderland?? hehe..

cant believe the center court of mid valley has transformed??? go see for yourself!!! :) it was fun taking lots of pics....hehe..i think this is gonna b my las outing for the month..huhu..finals is near!!!!

finals = less sleep + less play + less jalan jalan

so i need..................................

bird nest!!! can lessen my panda eyes..weee~!

Good Luck peeps on revising during study week!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market

this weekend i choose to have dinner at Manhattan Fish Market, mid valley....there was a queue!!! i dun like that...but luckily their service was fast.. :)

their famous dish: Manhattan Flaming Pot

its RM27.60..looks yummy rite??

we were afraid that we cant b full with jus one main our 2nd choice was another Manhattan signature...

salmon @ RM26.70

the salmon was tasty too..but had a slight sushi taste..

bon appetit!!!

after a hearty was time for dessert!! altho i was very full..i stil wanted to order dessert..coz the 1st time i had it..i loved it!!! but this time i found it too sweet.. =/

mud pie @ RM10.90

our bill was RM96.90...its really very filling for two..we enjoyed the dinner a lot..hehe..looking for more vouchers to dine here!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, March 11, 2010


bye - bye :(

yesterday was the last techflow for the semester.....we bid farewell to 6 of our dearest buddies.....

timothy - the shorty who is awarded most helpful!!!

adeline - the other shorty who is awarded strongest physically n mentally!!!

jeremy - the botak who is awarded loudest in everyway (even the fart)!!! :P

nicholas - the other botak who is awarded most cool (cool props)!!!

navin - the black skinny clown who is awarded most funny (he makes u laugh without trying)!!! :D

alex - the one and only lecturer who is awarded oldest (this is his 2nd sayonara speech)!!

it was hard to bid them farewell...this was the group i really worked closely with...i knew all of them tru christmas nite...especially wen im acting..the bond between us was really strong..i hope our frenship will last forever... :)

techflow oso did get sum clay figurines framed up for the ever long serving committees...

vice president



all the best my frens....

gonna b missing u guys...

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

two stages of my life

i found the guy whose tactics worked on melting my heart.. ;)
n i hope he is mr.right-for-me *grinz*

altho im stil at number one...
i pray that my path will b complete til part 7
with mr stage 1 :)

and here's sumthing for u....

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Monday, March 8, 2010

happy women's day!!!!

since its women's day...of coz its time for the men to treat the women...all women say.. "YAY!!!" :) there are a few promotions i haf found...

50% off for all lipsticks
30% off all sanitary pads

tanamera wellness spa
30% off all Bumi and Bayu packages

15% off on all top/dress/bottoms/bag

have fun ya all who claim urself as women :) its ur day!!! hope those promotions above will help make ur day!!!!

my gift ♥
thanks dear!


-thanks faithful listener-