Monday, January 28, 2013

Jakarta: Ootoya, Lippo Mall

today i the 2nd day im in Jakarta..and its flooded!!! OH NO!!!!! =(

almost 5-8 cm flooded!

from my previous know i am staying in Kemang i decided to check out the nearest mall, Lippo Mall...

lovely luxurious mall...

they also had an avenue of stars without any stars?! hmmm...

dinner time and i chose Japanese of course..haha! this is the only kind of meal that can make me smile even when i am eating alone!!

OOTOYA..a great choice!!

salmon sashimi @ IDR 55k
salmon sushi @ IDR 25k

ala carte grilled beef @ IDR 70k
love its teriyaki sauce...!!

chawanmushi @ IDR 20k
this is on promotion!!! =)

 my favorite dish!!!!! YUMS!!!!
very very very very fresh!!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

Jakarta: Hotel Grand Kemang

im back in this city again!!! this time in staying at the South of Jakarta, Kemang..approximately an hour from the airport..

the exterior look of the hotel
very strategic location with lots of dining areas nearby (walking distance)
Lippo Mall is also just 10 minutes walking distance =)
USD 100 per night

love the pool!!
will be soaking in tomorrow night..weee~!! =)

grand deluxe room
very very comfy..
only lan cable internet..wifi available at lobby..

- hotel staff are super friendly
- breakfast is 4/5 stars

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Listen! Listen! Listen! When I speak..LISTEN!!!

It was just 15 days into 2013 and Malaysia already made a viral headlines world wide...thanks to 2 ladies..Bawani and is a link of the video RUDE sharifah 'respecting' AWESOME bawani...enjoy!!

what do you think? for me it was ridiculous ASKING for respect and saying a handshake showed respect??!! Sharifah needs to know that respect needs to be EARNED!! and sad to say she didn't earn mine!

Why cant Bawani compare Malaysia to other countries while she can compare humans to animals??!!

I just wonder how can she be the "suara wanita 1Malaysia" (translation: Voice of the 1Malaysian women)!! this is such DISGRACE!!!

here are some cool parodies that made me laugh!!! enjoy!!!

-thanks faithful listener-