Thursday, October 15, 2009

walk walk find food... :)

lets start with the nearest to the place i live..uniten COE foodcourt...there is this new istanbul shop open..quite sum time ago..but i din bother trying..till las week since i was having so many discussions in the foodcourt..

1st nite..i tried this..kebab with fries @ RM6..ratings : 7 out of 10 ★

2nd nite..i ate beef cheese pita @ RM5..5 out of 10 ★ not really a cheese i find it too creamy...

to make the istanbul taste a lil malaysian..i dip them in 'lady's choice' mayonise and 'maggi' chili sauce...hehe

thank God for these..hehe

lets move a lil further...bangi pasar tani..besides all the normal food sold in many pasar tani..i spotted these two...

kerabu mango @ RM4

i rate it 8 out of 10 ★...its really yummy but a lil too spicy for me..the spices are pounded in the 'batu lesung'..really traditional way rite? so its really the original taste unlike the blender wan..

baked potatoes @ RM3 each

its really delicious..ratings 10 out of 10 ★..we tried 3 flavours..beef cheese, pure cheese, sausage cheese...other 2 flavours were tuna cheese and chicken cheese..i love all 3!!!! =)

las place is a lil further..sunway pyramid..popeye's louisiana kitchen..its a fast food restaurant..kinda yummy..i shud say that their fried chicken is almost the same taste as our all time kiddy favourite KFC..hehe...n their unique mash potato taste nice..its dipped with mushroom sauce and mince meat..yummy!!! one good ting..its there is no service or government tax...

mash potato..yum yum

set meal @ RM8.95

im looking forward to trying out more new places after finals..hehehe...oh ya..the baked potatoes shop has been visited by the tv show..jalan jalan cari makan..not me 'walk walk find food' ya..hahaha...

have a good dinner tonite peeps!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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