Friday, October 9, 2009

fantastic friday!!!!

im really HAPPY today....early in the morning..i had was the not boring kind of class..john steven (power sys lecturer) was making jokes in class..we were enjoying it..since its not lecture..haha...

after that..i went to legends curry house for banana leaf rice..had my favorite sambal udang..yum yum! after that..i went to alamanda..went shopping..

i bought cute rubber bands from sigma..a new pair of socks for my running 2moro n towels to wipe my excited but at the same time scared.. =/

b4 shopping..i had fun at the arcade..i played the strength game, sumting like ice hockey game, spot the difference n kiddy games.. (i only won the kiddy games..huhu..)

hit the crocs!!

after that...i went to parkson for window shopping..but i think i enjoyed the comfy sofas most!! haha...den i took picture with power puff girls!!! haha..felt like a small kid..hehehe

for tea..we had cendol, rojak, goreng pisang n goreng mushroom..burps!! *oopsie* excuse me!

@ pasar behind uniten

one of the moral groups in uniten was having their sports carnival...n my fren daniel was i went to support!!! n he won...becoz i support?? hahaha...their group was good in dodgeball...


victory! gonna haf my cg..its my 1st time leading it in FSCC...hopefully God wil b with me n use me to discuss His word with my frens... =) today's topic is prayer!

okie..gotta get ready!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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