Thursday, October 23, 2014

Part 2: Romantic Boracay

from manila airport..we flew to kalibo airport..we took a 2 hours van ride to caticlan jetty..and then we are just a paraw (boat) ride away!!! *excited*

lets start with our photos...sooo many of them!!! =)

our boat..
luckily the ride wasnt sooo bumpy..
no seasick!! YAY!

in the tricycle on our way to our hotel

finally here... =)
we stayed at station 1..
the other end of the jetty..
hello Willy's Resort!!

 love their hospitality..
we were welcomed with this refreshing drink
the necklace too!!!! love the shells!

this will be our view for the next 3 days!!!

this is exactly from my room's window!!
i wanna go back there again!! right now!! =P

lunch time! =)
here was where we had our meals for the rest of our stay too

mang inasal

halo halo
something like our ice kacang.. =)

first day..we were too late for sunset..
we were napping!! haha

a shot just in case tomorrow's sunset was more disappointing..
hehehe! =P

seafood for dinner!!!! =)

should we eat colourful fishes?

prawns?? OF COURSE!! haha

and lobsters!!!! YUMMY!!!

i really love the mango milkshake at jonah!!
so pure!! slurrrpppp!

our 2nd day's sunset was magnificient!!!!

catching the sunset..hehe

got it! hehe

forever love!

we also enjoyed some nightlife at station 2..
fire dancing and fire eating!!! WOW!

i only found this on the last day!!!
if it was dear would have experienced it once..
at least =P

 lovely memories and fun on this island!!!
such a wonderful getaway..
thank u Lord for all the finances, good weather and safety!

cheers to many more getaways..

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, October 17, 2014

Part 1: Mabuhay Manila!

we are finally in the phillipines!!!! =) MABUHAY!!!!!! cant wait to catch a jeepney..haha! =D thats the most famous thing i have heard of about manila...we booked AirAsia from KL to Manila =) and off we fly!!! thank you Lord for the safe flight..we are here almost after 4 hours!!!

off to the hotel!

our welcoming drink...sweet n refreshing!

our room! was really nice and comfy!
Hotel Kimberly it is! =)

without wasting much was time to go to the old city of manila..intramuros! some buildings should be more than 200 years old!! =)

this is san augustin church
400 years old!

look at the interior! so nice!

this is at the back of the church i think...


our next stop was Rizal Park..its was quite easy to travel around..thank God! we took a pedicab and our rider or driver was super strong! from one place to another..only cycling!!! =)

at the entrance

with the security guards..haha =P

before we left the park..we enjoyed the pretty sunset!
L.O.V.E is definitely in the air!

dear's dinner - BBQ grill

my dinner - squid sisig

we also tried their famous fastfood - Jollibee

of coz after shopping..we saw jeepney!!!!

its always nice to travel to a different country with you, dear!
learnt a little more about the culture..took pretty pictures...
tried new food and tried speaking like the locals..hahaha!

love you, my travel partner in crime =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, October 11, 2014

getting to know his friends in Jakarta!

i have always been travelling to Jakarta..however this time it was for a short getaway! :)

this time i am staying directly in the center of Jakarta, Saripan Pacific..instead of my usual business hotel, Grand Kemang..hehe =P

since we only had the we was time to go out showing dear the town!!! first stop Grand Indonesia and we were informed they had a gallery about Indonesia on the highest floor..yay!

its free admission! YAY!

there were screens where i could play the 'angklung' cool!!

or even play dress up =)
thats my dear in some traditional costume..cute!

there was also musical fountain show at the center court..

after walking was time for tea =) we went to magnum cafe! something both of us have never tried..

magnum's wall of fame..hehe =P

lets order! all looks sooo yummy!

dear chose the magnum gold!
it satisfies all caramel cravings!

mine is the magnum's milk shake..
satisfies all sweet tooth cravings! =)

love this frame!!!!

we also managed to visit MONAS..
the country's most iconic symbol

that ends day 1..the next day was more of a relaxing day..time to pamper ourselves!!! *claps n cheers* we chose Gedung and good!!!

hair spa together with head and shoulder's massage!

2 hours of full body massage!!!

and we did it twice in 3 days! =)

day 2 was really rejuvenating! on the Sunday before we had to fly home..we decided to attend our first Indonesian church service! thanks to dear's friends who are staying here..we attended a really good one! =)

sermon was about integrity

 they had a christian bookstore and some things were very motivational!

 thanks Ike and Joy!!

here are some of the food we tried =)

 sate senayan

Garuda nasi padang

i am sooo glad to show dear the coutry i visit so often.. =)
so much fun!!!!!


-thanks faithful listener-