Tuesday, September 28, 2010

massive camp 2010

this is actually a kinda late post..hehe..its like back dated for about a week or more...hmmm...i had a christian fellowship camp all the way in genting highlands..but the bungalow we stayed in is not very high..haha..its at the foot of genting actually..we were there for 3 days 2 nights..what happened for the three days..i shall allow my pictures tell u the story!

this is wat our bungalow looks like..
the girls on the upper floor..n guys below!

our ice breaking game..
looks simple..try guessing wats in the pail!!!

we are the commanders of the camp!

oh gosh!! imagine this game...
we got to roll over each other!!
luckily i din break anyone's bones! hahahaha

we were more serious in preparing for devotion this time.. =)

in conclusion..devotion was so much more fun..
we learnt a lot too!!

a game to learn about trust..
we had no sabotage! the game masters are!!

my team did awesome!!

this is my 5th and last camp...huhu..its really sad to b reminded of it...this is a place were i made real frens..these are the people i know if im in deep trouble..they are there to help me! =) dun u feel great knowing uu haf frens like these? thanks so much frens..especially those of my intake..u guys made my uni life so much fun!! since its our last..more group photos please.....hehe... =P

great pastor! *applause*

love this shoot!

under one roof..haha

my closest intake mates...

aww...my girls!

supposingly penangites only..but...never happens!
everyone wants to b a penangite! haha

all final year students..huhu..gonna miss u all!

what a great camp with all of u!!!
big big hugs!


-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, September 27, 2010

happy birthday, google!!!

wow!! today is one of my favorite "people's" birthday!
early morning wen i turned on my lappy...i saw this!!

i was excited!!! =)

without the birth of google..my life will b crappy!!
let me tell u how much i owe google..hehe

everytime i on the lappy...
i meet mr google..
i start searching for more facts!!
funny ones, silly ones and of coz knowledgeable ones!! 

mr google oso helps me a lot!!
of coz in my final year project!!
without mr google..i dunno wat i will do...
cant imagine life jus researching from books!!
OH NO!!!

 thanks for putting smiles on so many faces!!!
im sure many people will never work in R&D sectors without mr google..hehe

HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY, most world known!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, September 25, 2010

birthday with buddies!

 its a friday!!! a sudden last minute plan came up to catch the happy hour promotion in 'green box' karaoke in jusco balakong...n three of us agreed so off we went!! the promotion was from 10am to 2pm..but we arrived only at 11am...(a lil about the promotion..the price is based on wat lunch u order..compulsory to haf lunch..cheapest meal on the menu is RM12++)

this is me n yati..singing our hearts out! haha
thanks chah..the photographer..

after a few an hour of singing...yati excused herself saying she needs to use the toilet...hmmm...it was really long..perhaps half an hour n i started to worry if she was ok... =/ den suddenly wen i was excited singing the song i chose...she walked in with a cake!!! awwwww....

*blush blush*

a bday song immediately appeared on the karaoke screen..
wow! my 1st experience after 22 years on earth..hehe

the great singer..singing all the way so that i wont ask wer is yati..

the great actress..went to the toilet for more than 30 mins!! hmmm...

thanks so much my girls!!!!
it was really memorable...

BIG TIGHT HUGS, my buddies!!!!
~love u yati bucuk and chah untat~

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~happy mid autumn festival~

the mid autumn festival is also known as the mooncake festival or lantern festival...this festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese dated over 3000 years..this celebration is usually not on an exact date..it is celebrated when the moon is supposedly the fullest and roundest..farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date..traditionally on this date..family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid autumn harvest moon..the main delicacy is the moon cake..

the usual flavours of mooncakes
(from the far left) sesame paste, green tea paste, lotus paste!

nowadays its been more fancy..
jelly mooncakes are also available

many lanterns for sale on the streets...
i used to play with those battery operated ones..
den i had an upgrade to those using candles..
n now..im too old for it :(

beautiful lanterns lite up the streets

ahhh...i miss letting for lanterns....


-thanks faithful listener-

surprised celebration!

i would like to thank all that have made my birthday a great one! =) on the 17th of sept..i went for techflow camp..(a post on techflow camp is coming up..stay tune)..on the 1st nite up in villa dominic, genting highlands...i was surprised with a bday cake! awww....i was definitely touched n reminded this is gonna b my last camp in techflow..huhu...

thanks guys!!

it was really cheeky for daniel (a great buddy of mine) to ask me to blow the candles from i think 6 tiles away...ahhh..how can?? its like so far...!

me trying my best to blow the candles..haha

after much persuasion...mark allowed me to run to my cake n blow the candles..yay~! the cake is really very very fruitty.. =) n then it was time for the cutting ceremony..hehe

big big smiles..hehe

as usual...i love group photo sessions! so yeah...we did great even without a tripod.. =)

wat an awesome group to b with celebrating my bday!

thanks everyone for planning the surprise! =)

no thanks for bullying me!! hehe

i had so much fun with u guys..thanks for making my "last" birthday as a techflow member such a memorable one...im jus so blessed that for the beginning of the weekend..i got a surprise from my techflow frens..den for the beginning of the nex week...my housemates surprised me during career team's meeting!! *big big hugs!*

thanks all!!
wenyih, anita, komala and mithila!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, September 20, 2010

wonderful birthday! ♥

to begin with..on my day..it was great to sleep in.. :) after a nice shower..oops! it was time for lunch already..hehe..so we went for a very yummy chicken ham rice at usj..yum yum!

looks yummy, smells good n taste great!

after lunch..we wanted to go to one utama.. :) wanted to catch a movie...b4 that he told me to wait at home n he used an excuse that he needed to meet his fren for half an hour..since he helped me serviced my car n all..i din question much...so wen he was back..we left!

ratings: 7/10 

our 1st time

really comfy..can easily doze off..haha

after the movie...there was not much time to waste..he said there is dinner waiting for us..n no more clues given..so i jus follow lor..hehe..he took me to sumwer the gps was showing the end of all roads..no more roads after that!!! we droved passed many nice scenaries..love it!

at the entrance..indochina style!

check out the romantic walkway!!

finally we haf arrived the restaurant :)

i love the ambience soooo much 

our dishes...all so unique taste! nyum nyum!

once we were done with eating n taking lots of photos...it was time for dessert..n yay~! my bee cake is here!! sooooo cute! i was really happy wen i saw it..i didnt wanna eat it..awwww...

buzz buzz!

thanks so much ♥!

finally we ate the cake..it was really delicious..the creme was at a really good texture n i love the butter cake! sluurp!! den it was time for more photos around the area...

love the candle effect around!

the comfy bar area

a change from all yellow lightings..hehe

the walkway back to our car!

i had so much fun on my day! wat a great way to celebrate my 22nd birthday..thanks C for this wonderful plan! its really far beyond wat i expected..ur just great with surprises!! 

hugs & kisses!!

-thanks faithful listener-