Wednesday, June 30, 2010

movie première: back up plan

on 24th june...i went to watch back up plan..i guess im the 1st few to b able to watch it so early..thanks to!!! :) the premiere was at the curve...i invited 5 frens to join me..lucky ones!! hehe..

the girls @ the curve

once everyone arrived..we were kinda early..we did sum window shopping..den we decided to have dinner at 'the garden'..the setting was really nice n the food is good too!!

girly menu..hehe

nice setting?? i love the cupid fountain!

my drink
apple frizzy @ RM11.90

wedges with chilli mayo @ RM9.90

BBQ chicken wings @ RM 11.90

after was nearly time for movie..i wanted to b early so that i could win sum freebies..hehe... :) usually gives out gifts b4 the movie..n i read this time there's a perfume to b given out..but on that night..none!!! :( but i stil got a tee-shirt! weee~!

cute limited edition tee..thanks ♥!

i had a wonderful time in the cinema..the movie was really funny n romantic :) i love romantic comedy movies...jus my type! :) since it was a working after party..hehe..gotta go home n sleep as soon as possible..if not! i guess im not goin for work the next day! hahaha... =D

group pic #1
far timer was too far on the bird cage stand..hehe

group pic #2
a lil closer..hehe..thanks to mr waiter!

thanks for the lovely movie outing!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 28, 2010

new goodyear tyres!!

im now in penang.. :) i drove back all the on Saturday, i decided to service my car..the normal servicing which was jus to change my oil..but the mechanic listed out many other stuff to b changed..oh no!! more things to change means more $$$...i got my brake pads n tyres changed! altogether approximately RM750..*the hole is my pocket is really BIG*

this post is gonna help girls everyone learn more about changing tyres process..which cost a BOMB!

this is my old continential tyre
c the thread?? thats dangerous!
that was on the inner i cud not spot it til the mechanic told me
if u can c thread on ur tyre..dun speed!!!

Persona tyres are 195 x 60 x 15...the prices are each RM225 (goodyear) and RM190 (continential)..once u decide to change ur tyre..u have to include balancing and allignment..this mite cost RM26

putting my new tyre into the old rim
easier with the help of oil or lubricant(pelincir)

once its fitted..but b balanced..
this is call balancing..
the tyre will spin..n the computer will tell if the weight is balanced

these are the weights used to balance the tyres
mine was the 5g weights..
a stretched of them!

a closer look of mine..

now its time for alignment..
this is also computerized! :)

this squarish thing is the sensor plate to check for it allignment
too left? too right?

this is the alignment reading...

after balancing and alignment process..the mechanic found out that my tyres need cambering..this is a process of adjusting the tyres so that its angle is right..this reduces the friction of the tyre n the the tyre will not get "flower-less" so fast!!! then u wont haf to change ur tyres so frequent...and a new tip! switch ur tyres front and back every 10,000km..this makes ur tyres more long lasting too!! :)

had to fix a screw cause proton doesnt come with it..
this screw is the cambering screw

yay! finally good reading!! :)

thanks to Mr Nden for servicing my car and showing me my tyre changing helped so much..especially wen i was driving back in a very very heavy rain!!! i guess if i over looked this car might haf skidded on the highway!! thanks!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, June 25, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 12

This is my final week....happy!! but i know when im totally done..i will miss it... :( before i get emotional...let me tell u what i have been doing this week.

meetings and discussions

There was a meeting on Tuesday. So I had to present the call flow I have been working on. Accordingly, there are still a few amendments to be done. It took me a day to finish it. So on Thursday, I had to upload all the wave files to the website.

On Thursday, Miss Norain from Mdec came to visit all the interns in my company. I was asked to complete a survey form as I applied for industrial training in this company through Mdec. Her visitation was very important and knowledgeable as she told us the different steps and courses that could help me once I graduated. Thanks Mdec!

Here comes the emo part =P I would like to thank Mr Jeffrey (my supervisor) and the other staffs Kenneth and Le Lee..they have been great through out these three months..they have been guiding me with knowledge and most importantly patience. :) Thanks so much for everything!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Obroma Chocolate Lounge @ LCCT

this picture is definitely deceiving...
its relates totally to the saying "dun judge a book by its cover!"

this are all the food served there...
the service was ok..but the food quality was horrible...

this RM19.90 strawberry chocolate dip was moldy..
can u c the fungus on the strawberry????
i demanded for my refund..i dun even wanna change to another dip!

this RM12.90 "chocolate princess" was yummy!
the chocolate was rich n creamy...  

so there are good n horrible things in this cafe..
so up to u to decide whether u wanna gif it a try..
but i won't...haha

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 11

This week all the preparation about Beta Testing is 80% complete. *big smiles* I had another discussion with my supervisor. He informed me of all the amendments I have to make to my call flow and gave me a briefing on Categories and Sub Categories. I was also taught on how to implement the call flow at Superceed webpage.

my supervisor briefing is on the call flow

 thats a lot of ammendments rite?? haha..

Notes about the briefing:

We learnt what Cat and Sub Cat is all about. Look at the example below:

Cat                                        Sub Cat
Language                                English
Department                             Billing
Specialized On                        Payment
Sub Category                          International

This week, I finished 80% of the call flow. I also finished the 30 Q&A. The editing of Text-to-Speech files were done by using Wave Pad Editor. We have learnt using this software beginning of industrial training.

Wave Pad Editor.

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Palace Bak Kut Teh @ Pavilion

1st of all...this post is non-halal.... :) but im jus gonna make it a very brief wan...

wen my mum was in of our dinners was here..the pork is really well cooked and its quality is thumbs up! mouth-watering i promise!

this is their trademark..i think! :P
its at the entrance...hehe

this is the signature dishes
kuckles, ribs and 'sam chan bak'

the ambiance and furnitures of the restaurant brings me back to those granny and grandpa days..hehe..

get wat i mean? haha

the service was really and efficient n the waitresses were all very polite and friendly..oh ya! but many of them can only speak english...but we waited for a chinese waitress because mum wanted a certain part of the pig..n she only knows the name in chinese..haha..but all in all...great! hmmm...about the price..every small bowl was about RM15

our bill came up to RM80!
worth the try!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bapa yang Kekal




this song is jus so assuring..i definitely have an everlasting heavenly father..i noe He cares for me more than anyone can..He loves me so much that i know i can 100% count on jus like His little many how many times i disappoint my heavenly Papa..He will always teach me the determination to change to be more like Him...

Papa, I love u...*happy father's day in advance*

-thanks faithful listener-

Balloon Fiesta @ Pavillion

last mum came to kl..hoping to help me shift in to my new apartment in din go that smooth as the apartment management were not really keeping to their words..but stil..everything was ok! :) will show u guys my new room soon.. *excited*

the overview look of the center court...
its like a kiddy dreamland..FUN!!

the stage...

i love this mr.clown
reminds me of him..haha
and i spotted more of them... *big smiles*

even i had lots of fun...wat more kids..hehe.. :) parents..make sure u take ur child there since its specially for them since its school holiday! have fun.......oh ya..there is a big balloon ride too..starts from 11am to 9pm..dun worry its taken care by professional...very safe!

fun ride..i wish i was a kid!
have fun at pavillion!!

-thanks faithful listener-

So unlucky........

maybe all my luck has been used up on winning tickets...especially movie tickets!!! i went for toy story preview yesterday!! fun! but since today's post is about me being so very unlucky...its like on going for the whole day..n i hope it doesnt happen today..

 early in the morning...i spilled milo n my tee..
i had to bare with the stain til 10pm

wen i was out for lunch...
sum stranger dropped a bowl of "bubur kacang hijau"
n my feet!!!! so now my tee n jeans are stained

rushed to the nearest toilet...
no water!!!!
u must b kidding me...
use mineral water to wash it off.. :(

on the way back to the office after lunch...
i was elbowed..
not s terrible as the picture..
it hit my lap..ouch!!!

n wen everyone is happy spending their pay..
mine was notified that it was bounced! :(
gotta wait for a new cheque..haih..

once i was done with tuition..
on my way out...
my nose was bleeding!! oh no!

i dunno wat to do..but i thank God yesterday was over..n thank God only He is the same today, yesterday and forever...i dun wanna go tru the same day i had today...n thank God nothing unlucky happen to me on the road as i was driving...

looking forward to a bright lucky day!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-