Saturday, December 31, 2011

my awesome 2011 ♥

just like the title 2011 has really been many things i wanna thank the Lord for..i am sooo blessed in this year! let me share with you what i'm really thankful for in the year 2011 since today is the last day of the year...

welcomed the year 2011 in style @ hotel maya =)

chinese new year with my family..lou hei!! =)

my new valentine's dress =) love it!!!

sawadeekap hat yai...

in my home, penang with my girls...sooo much fun! =)

finally done with uni off to singapore!! weeee~!!!
5 days wasnt enuff..hahahha

all the 8 of us in perak..weee~!
it was great living under one roof =)

a family holiday after i finish my studies and before i start work

i got my 1st job..Reihausen Asia Pacific =)

my 1st arsenal football match..
my last football match was back in 1994..haha
penang vs i cannot remember.. =P

off to medan...beautiful lake toba!

its been 3 years!! weee~! *LOVES*

hello kota kinabalu...a great 4 days getaway! =)

i turned 23!!! love my pendant..thanks 

girls' awesome was jus funny together..hahaha

had our own photoshoot too..our very 1st...

after 5 years of working hard and smart *ahem*...
this day made it all worth it =)

a roadtrip to penang..weee~!
nasi ganja in perak and a cruise in penang..
awesome relaxation!!!

off to GERMANY for training..
this is in Munich and also Neuschwanstein

this is in Rottenberg..
peaceful and really old town =)

this is in Heidelberg
the great wine and romantic city!!!
i will be back for sure..hehe

christmas eve dinner @ traders hotel
i had a great time welcoming Jesus' birthday! =)

 fun time in A Famosa..
animals, carnival and fireworks!!!
a great way to enjoy the christmas mood! goin to hatyai for new year's eve countdown..
will update soon!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blessed Christmas!!!

my lord Jesus is born!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season.... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


this is me in Regensberg christmas market

that is a mug of yummy hot chocolate in the cold winter! =)

my journey is so much fun so far and i am looking forward for more!!!!

stay tune here to see what Germany is all about for me...

this is just a preview..hehehehhe =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, November 21, 2011




5 - 4

what a great game.....amazing 170 minutes....

thanks FAHMI for saving the ball!!!

i dunno what happen to FAKRI..muke penumbuk btol!!! grrrrr!



anyway, tomoro public holiday?? hehe



-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my 1st company outing

this is a really back dated post...rewind to 15th sept 2011..haha..a day before my birthday..the reason for such a back dated post is because i just got the pictures from my company's photographer =)

first event of the day: bowling!! so not interested in bowling..
i know nothing about it as well..gosh!!!

this is my team =)


~worst bowler female category~
*sobs sobs*
dear boss..can i appeal for training in the bowling dept..haha! =P

yay!!! bowling is finally over..hahaha =P

this is our 2nd event
cruise at putrajaya

we had lunch in the cruise..thank God no dizziness =)

sept babies birthday celebration!!

im the youngest..yay!!!

this is my work mates..
we are all in the same department =)

these are my dearest lunch buddies =)

wat a great team to work with!!


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, November 11, 2011


since many have said that 11.11.11 is gonna b a great date..
im gonna share 11 great things
that have happened tru out my 23 years of life =)

#1: my unique family
i thank God for me being born into this family! =)

#2.1: my penang frens of a decade and more!
they have been great classmates and great frens!! =)

#2.2: my penang awesome outing girlfriends!
they are always a phone call away!
thanks buddies!! =)
#3.1: my life in mrsm
it has never been easy but i grew very close to my Lord there
He was the only one i could cling on to!

#3.2: great mrsm frens who are doctors!!!
medical fees in the future will be FREE..haha

#4: going around the world with my family
im so grateful for the opportunities =)

#5: serving my Lord with a great bunch of friends!
its an honour to know u guys!!!

#6: the best thing that has ever happened to me
to be loved by the one i love!!! awww~!

#7: explore new adventures with my love!
he is my best travelling partner! =)

#8: great bday celebrations
thanks all my frens for organizing bday parties and suprises!
career team, techflow, bsmf, mrsm, convent, my family and my dear! =)

#9: BSMF!!!
best soul mates forever
i cant imagine my uniten life without u guys!! xoxo!

#10: graduating!!
im now a professional engineer!!! =)
thanks for all the support tru out my student life!

#11: having a great job
im now independent and earning my own bucks..
im successful..thank u Lord! =)


all of so grateful that we have crossed paths..

HAPPY 11.11.11!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

♫ My Grown Up Christmas List ♫


my great saviour was born
the best reason for the season to celebrate!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, November 6, 2011

BarBeQue time!!!

last week my church cell group had an outing to Port was sooo much FUN!!!! =D we played in the sand and also barbeque!! weeee~!

our outing started at noon with lunch at 'chi ma kai'..somewhere near upm..den it was time to start our 90 minutes journey to PD...vroooom!!!! and we finally found a great mini pondok or you can call it hut.. =P that was our territory for the day..hehe...

the 1st thing we did..
happy bday BEVON!!!

all of us with the mini cake..haha
photographer: loo lin

after blowing candles, cutting the cake and of coz eating was time for us to play in the beach..hehe..we played frisbee!!! the wind din really was fun..and we played captain ball with the frisbee..many we should call it captain frisbee..hahaha! =P den it was time to rest and start the BBQ! =)

the girls' barbeque pit..haha...

the chef's barbeque pit

smile!!!! =)

lucky i remembered the garbage bag..
*pats on my bad*

grilling sausages with bevon's special sauce & honey..
yummy!!!! *drools*

ahhhh...i miss this!! i want more....

my fried beehoon fan..hahahha

we had soooo much fun!!! sad to say goodbye..but im sure we will have more outings to come.. =) glad that many turned up...

the serious us

the crazy us


thank u Lord for the great day!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-