Tuesday, October 6, 2009

wan a glamorous look?

a fren of mine showed me sum beauty tips which i find it really useful..its on a booklet..so i need time to share it with u gurls..guys!! stay away from make up ya..u wil look gay with it..haha.. =P

Part 1: 6 quick tricks for a glamorous look

★ Luscious lips

the color of lipstick should b RED..red signals glamour even with the simplest outfit..BUT if u cant imagine urself with red lips..den use 'nude' colour lipstick topped with bright berry gloss for festive and trendy look..

★ Maximum mascara

put at least 2 coats of mascara and pay attention to the outer edges and make sure all the lower lashes are covered..this wil add 'drama' to a woman/s look..

★ Smoky eye

apply a very soft kohl pencil in black or dark brown and it is neccessary to outline the entire eye
one shud lift the upper lid gently and apply the pencil to the rim rite under the natural lash line..to finish the look..smudge brown or grey shadow on the lid and jus under the lower lash line..
smoky eye effect needs PRACTICE..if you cant manage the pencil well..only apply kohl pencil on the top lid and smudge brown or grey eye shadow at the lower lash line..to soften the look..dust the eye area with gold shimmer..

★ Lash out

for those who plan to buy lashes..bypass those with heavy layers of fringe and go for the sparse, seperated styles..
tips for false lashes application:
  • the glue needs to dry clear and only a very thin line shud b spread along the base of false lashes
  • after half a minute, press the false lashes gently as closely to the natural lash line
  • put a coat of mascara on the natural lashes 1st..then the false lashes..after it is dry..apply another coating for natural, full and lush look
★Let it shine

for a shine..use shimmer products such as foundation, blushes, eye shadows and lip glosses..
DO NOT wear shimmers on more than 2 face areas..never use shimmer foundation with lip glosses and shimmer eye shadow..never use shimmer blush and eye shadow with bright lip color..try sheer or natural colour..

★Down with dark circles

use concealer instead of shimmer..the concealer shud b the same shade or one tone darker..dun use a bright concealer bcoz it will attract more attention to ur puffy eyes n it wil look puffier!!..

try these tips..n i hope at the end of it..u wil look GLAMOROUS!!!

like her?? =)

okie..time to get back to preparing for my techcomm presentation..all my test 2 are over..left with presentations..n i plan to finish all this week..this weekend..im gonna PLAY to the MAX..den strive for finals.. =) hopefully i wil have the determination to b disciplined n hardworking...

for those who are still sitting for tests..all the best peeps!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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