Thursday, October 28, 2010

a huge phew!!!!!

it has been a scary night preparing for this subject..
the lecturer + the toughness = crazy!



-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, October 25, 2010

funny yet stylish dresses

im amazed with how fashion can bring dresses' designs to a different level! this designer used signature trademarks of the states of US...check out the creativity.. :)

Minnesota's corn dress

New York's garbage dress

Iowa's prarie dress

Nevada's casino chip dress

Maine's pine cone dress

Wyoming's willow dress

Illinois red dress

Wisconsin's white pine dress

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, October 21, 2010

nerd in action!

its jus 3 days of being in the library for hours!! my routine is usually 9.30am to 12.00pm...then 2pm to 6pm..then 7.30pm to is 9 hours in the library!! gosh! at times it can gif u terrible headache..terrible boredom or crazyness... =/ but im grateful i got great company..chah has been accompanying me for the whole 9 hours!! n i think this is the only time we sit together but we dun chit chat or gossip..haha...we are becoming nerds!! OH NO!

i definitely am bored!!!

serious memorizing in progress

how to not feel bored when this is all we deal with?!

yesterday, after 6 hours of was really boring!! can u imagine 60 text book pages of data comm? wat bout 3 chapters of safety hazard? so we needed to spice things up b4 continuing to study for another 3 we did wat girls did best! photo sessions!! hahaha... =D

pretending to study? haha.. =P

notes and calculators..our meantime best frens..

i jus cant wait for 2nd november..i can no longer stand staying in the library for so long..huhu..i can never imagine myself facing books for such a long period of time for more than 9 hours..feel like womiting even for jus 9 hours...huhu!!! =(


to all studying crazily like me..
lets do our best!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, October 18, 2010

my new 2nd home...

im force to haf a new 2nd home..huhu..wondering where is it? but im sure u will never wanna accompany me in my 2nd home...huhu..its a place filled with stress, silence and BOOKS!!! ahhhh!! all nerds love this place..

ITS THE.........

gonna b here from morning

till nite..sob sob..

told u that u wont like my 2nd home rite? huhu..i gotta stay there for almost 2 weeks..oh NO! but if u need the library to be ur second home as well..jus let me noe..we can enjoy it together..hopefully.. =P

to those who are drowning in books like me...lets strive together! all the best peeps! :) ok..i gotta stop writing d..back to books!! =(

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, October 14, 2010

im thinking of the ending already!!!

im thinking of my final exams..but not so much of wat to much i need to finish in a day..but more of wat i wanna do wen im done!! hahaha...

oh..for guilty purpose..haha..let me share a little bit bout my final exams..
1) data comm - 25/10/10
2) fiber optics - 28/10/10
3) process control - 31/10/10
4) sports management - 2/11/10

by the end of my last paper...wooohooo!!! i haf a list of places i wud love to go...

watch a movie!

girls shopping outing!!! =)

paddle boat in putrajaya or mebbe cruise and boat ride!!

ahhhh!! my favorite!
it doesnt matter if its a short and sweet one!
as long as im holiday-ing! =)

back to reality please...

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

smiles in putrajaya!

suddenly we felt that we wanted to go to putrajaya to just to take pictures..haha..and we know its gonna b fun..coz taking pictures is our hobby!!! weee~! =)

on the way there! even bobby is ready! haha

we chose to take pictures near the tasik cruise was nice with mr.sun! =) crazy ones...sweet ones..funny ones..hahaha...had a great laugh at ourselves too!!

miss aisyah who made the photo tyme so crazieee!

putrajaya main mosque..nice!

enjoying the sun?? haha

i love the wind!

i like this picture..cute? hehe

up next are all crazy pictures..haha...we were having fun n we didnt bother who was watching..haha..luckily aisyah enjoyed the crazy session as much as i did!

malaysian merlion?? haha

water got into ur ear?? that's a lot~!

i love this strip!!
big hugs to u, my fren!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sushi bonanza is back!!!

its back again!!! weee~!

time to grab and eat all the sushi u c in 45 mins...
RM6 --> RM2
RM5 --> RM2
RM4 --> RM2
RM3 --> RM2

lots of discounts rite?
dun haf to think twice!!!hahaha
get ur member card and GO!!!

something new..the 'boat' is really crispy!

this is usual..but yummy!

tuna..not really my type

prawn fitters!! nyum nyum!

unagi...i wish i could eat longer!

salmon is my 1st choice!! no wasabi please!

yati n chah!

look at the towers!! haha...

lets go again!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, October 10, 2010


such an auspicious date... 

i enjoyed most of this date in church since its a sunday.. 

let me list down 10 fun things i did today:

1) back up sing in church..i love God's presence
2) help put baby Ivane to sleep..not easy tho! haha
3) had yummy pork noodles at sri petaling..real yummy!
4) had cendol with 10 friends!
5) studied in the library alone..not fun..but..sumthing new..
6) met up with aisyah..nice chatting n gossipping..haha
7) when for cmas nite acting this year again!
8) when supper with half of 10 frens..hehe
9) had fun with bobby (my dog), baybee (my bee)
10) having an early rest!!! a self auspicious reward..hehe

10 of us drinking cendol! slurrp!

my cool macho mat rempit..woof woof!

my n my bee!

happy 10.10.10!!
hope u had fun!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, October 9, 2010

raya with red fm

last 2 weeks..i won an invitation to attend's open house in swiss garden.. =) i was excited..meeting the DJs and of coz eating my favorite raya delicacies..

how to not b excited with this grand setting..hehe

i brought yati along...i can only bring one lucky fren =)

wen i arrived there..i was surprised to c that it was a plus party..and i was fortunate! it was mainly to appreciate their sponsors and also customers..n we were invited!!! there was a wide spread of food..from chicken curry, lamb stew, lemang, serunding, satay to laksa and many many sweet tooth favorites!! yay~!

i love the cookies! yum!

after was time to walk around and check out the DJs and was food and really exciting meeting people we use to see on tv walking around u...hehe..

me with DJ (11-3pm)

me with Jeremy! who's on board?

i had the privilege to celebrate Halim's 46th bday..
i like to watch him host roda impian!

 Happy Birthday!

linda onn..i used to watch her tv shows..

he is from mrsm days..

in a party among celebrities!!

thanks RED.FM for the invites!!

-thanks faithful listener-