Tuesday, May 31, 2011

im a new scotty fan!!


i was not ur fan from the beginning..all because in din really like country music..

but as time passed..gosh!!!

i was addicted to ur performance n ur charm..

there were many unique things about u..

ur deep deep voice, the way u tilt the microphone.. =)

n now this song is awesome!!!


i honestly cant wait for u to have a tour to malaysia =)

im already having ur song as my sms tone..n im loving it wen ppl sms me..


all the best in ur new career path! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, May 29, 2011

snap snap snap

im back in kl...weeee~! its my 1st day in my office n im up for a photoshoot...wow!!! something im not very excited about..haha..im kinda shy to simply pose..hehe..i dun  really know them yet tho they seem really nice people.. =)

all of us
faces of Reinhausen Asia Pacific

at our training center with all the transformers

my department..OPP
hopefully i will do well in this dept =)

cute?? all the girls in my company!!!
we are out to get u!! hahahaha....

looking forward to joining them fully on the 18th May..soon d =/

-thanks faithful listener-

happy mother's day!!

its a day to specially appreciate all mothers..so my brother to celebrate this special day at kampachi..japanese food!! yay!!! can eat lots of salmon sashimi!!! weeee~!!!! i din take much pictures as i kept om nom nom nom all the way..hahaha =)

every mother got this..nice!

kisses to my mummy!
thanks for being a great mum all this while
tru all the nagging, disagreements and grumbles..
deep down i know u love me lots!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, May 26, 2011

blessed birthday, my kor kor!!

its my brother's bday n we decided to celebrate it up in genting..the day after we arrived back from hong kong..we left to genting early the nex morning..the bus ride from penang was oh so many hours!!!! once we arrived there..we checked in n off to the theme park...

haunted house..grrr!

time for some thrills!!

ahhhhh!!! screams.........

after playing hours at the outdoor theme park..it was time for dinner..by this time..dear has not arrived yet..huhu..the dinner was yummy..i love the salmon sashimi most!!! i ate sooo many plates..hehe =)

all of us during dinner..

by the time dinner was over..dear had arrived =) YAY! after dear took a quick shower..we went for a show..gosh!! it was a bad production!! we walked out 30 mins b4 the show was over!! terrible!!! din know genting would sign a contract with such a terrible performance group..so many mistakes in the acrobatics! urgh! after the show..it was time for some indoor fun!

haunted house time..spot hantu tina..haha
it was not that scary after all.. =/

the huge chair!

see the books!
these weird things are in ripley's believe it or not

the time we all have been waiting for arrived!!!

happy bday kor!!
many more blessings in the next year!! =)

the next morning..dear n i went for breakfast buffet..soooo full! *burps*...den we decided to go for a foot massage..its our 1st time..i enjoyed it but there were some ticklish parts..haha =P ling seemed to like it as well..weee~! den we had lunch before goin home..i had chicken rice with soup while dear had hainanese chicken chop.. =) den its time to go home..bye bye dear!!! see u soon......

we stopped by here on our way back..
this temple is very near the peak of genting.. =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

where dreams come true!!!

today..im back in hongkong.. =) going to disneyland!!! we spent 2 days there..great two days..i loved being around my favorite characters..mickey, minnie, pooh, woody and many more!!!! with the excitement i had..i took A LOT of picture..so this will b a photo post.. =) enjoy my pictures!!

we took the disney monorail..cute handles!

ta-daa!! we are here!

look at the flowers behind..cute lil mickey!

oooo..mickey kissed me! hehe...

this is at the sleeping beauty castle..
remember the castle where the prince kissed her??

this year is hong kong disneyland's 5th year..
~celebration in the air~

parade time..hello pooh!

lilo n stitch are here too!

after walking from parks to parks..
it is time for ice cream!! yummy!

met mr woody along the way.. =)

can u spot minnie?
a cast member tot me how to draw this only with water!!

tinker bell lighting up the castle

fireworks time..very very nice!!!
very very romantic too if u are there with ur other half.. =)

back to our hotel..
hollywood hotel..everything is disney~

even the shower shades!

**END OF DAY 1**

walking around our hotel

they were like storm..n i played too..hehe =P

hong kong style of high school musical!!
very very entertaining =)

we also went to inspiration lake..
unique bicycle huh?
all must paddle together ok?? =P

it was awesome to meet all my fav characters..
wen i was a kid, they were my companion wen i eat and play..
i would cry if u turn off the tv when they are there =)

my holiday has come to an end..from penang--> hongkong --> macau --> shenzhen --> hongkong --> penang..

it has been an awesome journey n also a complete family trip which we dun usually have often..its either brother is not free or dad is not there..haih!!! n now im working..its gonna b even harder~!! =(

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

fun at shenzhen.. =)

after day whole day of casinos..a little more of nature n cultural knowledge is the best!!! so off we went to shenzhen..the tour started a lil horrifying as we were brought to shops after shops..n china is not the best place to buy expensive things as imitation is greatly produced there...so we din really enjoy the jewellery, tea, silk n herbs factory..

 this is OCT..a new 'theme park'

haha..statue of shenzhen..

this is the landmark of OCT..amazing waterfall...

time for some rides..
we were soaked wet!!!

this is an amazing roller coaster..its wooden!!

this is something new..
we cud ride on it like a bumper car..fun!!!

off to the underwater world park..
this is the jelly fish world =)

look at them!! cute!

after walking around the whole theme park..it was huge!!! up n down many escalators..it was time for the final cultural water show..

the starfish welcomed us..hehe

starfish cant survive without seaweeds..hehe

look at the acrobatics during the show!!

the pretty swans..nice lightings rite?? =)

wen the lights turned on..the swan costume was thumbs up!! =)

after the show..it was time to head back to our hotel..it was a less tiring day but really fun!!!! n our hotel had free internet access!! weeee~!! so i was surfing the whole nite..hehehhe =P back to hong kong 2moro!!! =)

~stay tune~

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, May 23, 2011

city of dreams...

after two days in hongkong..we travelled to macau..the city of dreams and the town filled with casinos!! u look left..look right..i bet u will find at least one casino.. =) macau has its own currency as well..i din know! oops....

this is something like the golden bauhinia square in HK..
but this is lotus flower instead..

 there were lots of portuguese culture as well..
they were ruled by them some time ago

look at the pretty portuguese girls =)

after watching some portuguese performances..it was time to visit the macau tower..

dun worry..this is jus the miniature one..hehe

zoom...up to 58th floor!!!

the flooring was glass!!! scary! =P

i saw people bungy jumping from 108 floor!!!
ahhh...i wish to bungy jump someday as well..
but not sooo soon..haha =P

after viewing the amazing view from up above..it was time for lunch..we had a portuguese lunch..their curry was very buttery..nice! den we went for some shopping..hehe

shop shop till i drop!! weee~!

this is the famous landmark..st paul ruins

after half day of sight seeing..it was time for some casinos!!! we din gamble so we watched the shows..the show 'Zaia' at Venetian was awesome!!!!

the entrance to the theater

below are some shots of the show
great acrobatics n props!

this was across the road..
casino grand lisboa

playboy mansion!!!
this is the only playboy mansion in asia..
guys..u shud come here..hehe =P

anywhere i go with my bro..
hard rock is a must visit!!!
we bought t shirts again!! =)

there was a lot of walking in macau..walking to buy portuguese tarts..walking up to st paul ruins..walking here n there..n i was lucky to have my bro!!! he piggy back me!!!

hahahahaa!!! =D

bye bye macau..hello shenzhen!

-thanks faithful listener-