Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~my wednesday~

yesterday i went to the gym...n oh dear..a kind samaritan wanted to help me lose weight faster..she taught me how to carry weights..its my 1st time dealing with these heavy stuff seriously..n today my body aches!!! ahhh...feel like an old lady walking down the stairs..feel like a jelly carrying heavy stuff..oh no!!! i think i shud go back to the slow and steady way..hahahha =P..thanks anyway to that kind samaritan!! =)


after exercising..i, yati n aisyah watched 'perfect getaway'..not in the cinemas but in our living no popcorn..but replaced by keropok..hehe...the show was not bad..but i wud not gif it a real high rating..(mebbe its bcoz i wasnt really focusing 100%)..but its okie if u wanna watch at home..but i dun recommend to watch it in the cinemas....

today..was our last techflow for the its 'sayonara'..wen i arrive..i saw sumthing funny..i wonder y is there a cone on top of the sensor bar??? anyone can explain?? haha...during techflow..we had games..n our alumni were invited back to share their experience during cmas nite..the main word all of them used was im sure its worth it being part of this production.. =) i was in the cast n crew b4..n this year im in the CAST n CREW!!! frens..its gonna b on the 8th of dec..make sure u come ya.. =) besides that..we also celebrated our president's and vice president's bday...(10 n 11 oct)

the funny incident

me playing 'burger, coke, fries'

adeline & timothy

one gud news for myself...i have set a few targets to b met in every 3 days..n im happy that my 1st target is reached...i thank God for the discipline, good time management, hardworking spirit n good memory!!! i pray that i wil continue to b able to meet my targets daily.. =) peeps, continue to remember me in prayer ya!!!

pray works wonders!!

there is sumtin that i wud like to share with u guys..its a 10 minute video..please download n c how talented this lady is..she tells a story tru sand drawing..n this story is really lovely!!! enjoy peeps...

for my foundation frens...ALL THE BEST FOR FINALS!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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