Thursday, December 31, 2009

bye bye 2009!!!

memorable moments in each month!!!


yati is 21!!!


gong xi fa cai ama!


mini reunion with lots of gossips..haha


special sem fun!!


happy mother's day!


happy father's day!!


fun fun fun.... :D


my roomie's bday..

my bestie is back!!

a special one year.. ♥


achieved my freedom!! hehe


boating on chah's bday!


party tyme..the semester is over!!!


hello singapore..

sally in action..hehe

♥ blessed bday ♥

christmas countdown

unexpected fun!!! :)


2009 has also brought a terrible tragedy to my life..i lost a very dear fren.. :(
Rest In Peace....

dearest gary...


that's all for 2009..
stay tune for 2010!!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

las few days.....

i jus came back to kl las sunday...i did have fun in penang celebrating christmas with my family...besides the normal rountine of christmas preparation like cleaning the house, cooking simple food, decorating the cmas tree...i found sumthing new this time..hehe..


i learnt how to make cute key chains and decorations...

mr baa baa black sheep..hehe

mr cute snowie..

♥ specially customized ♥

are they cute??? i enjoyed being creative with those colourful clay...bees n sheep has a special meaning to me..but its so hard to find..n now i can make my own key so so excited!! :)

i oso attended my frens bday party the nite b4 coming home..i knew the bday gurl, deriss since kindergarden..her mum n my mum were i knew her since very very young.. :P she now turned 19!!! blessed birthday!!!

paparazzi shot!

her cake wit australian candles..hehe

for a couple of weeks..i haf been spending time with a bunch of 'close to heart' people..i had so much fun being around them..i enjoyed myself n im so glad we felt comfortable with each other... :) we even cooked, went shopping, swimming and had meals together..i jus loved those moments..felt like a family.. ♥

we went swimming..hehe

im so happy that things are now falling back into so happy that im starting to c my prayers coming to pass..thank u Lord.. :) please continue to be the center of my life.. gotta sleep d..nites peeps!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, December 26, 2009

★ have yourself a merry lil christmas ★

wat i did for relatives are down from ipoh..kl uncle was here too... :) since every year my brother does the count down in E&O hotel...we tot of supporting him this year..we booked a table for dinner!!! it was really nice gathering as a family..the food was obviously good too..hehe... :P

beach view..

me n my bro..the MC of the day..

me in my new dress n bag..hehe..

the yummy christmas-y desserts...

my favourite dessert..the cream puff..

one family..such a christmas mood..haha

i definitely enjoyed my brother's jokes, games n countdown..well done kor!!! n i had so much fun opening my presents!! will upload my gifts soon.. :)


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, December 25, 2009

...thing 2 think...

The glitter of bright decorations, the sound of joyous Christmas carols, the happy children, and the cheerful "Merry Christmas" greetings sometimes give the impression that everybody is glad that Jesus came to our planet. But that isnt true today, and it never was.

The news of Jesus' birth evoked a mixed reaction. The wise men joyfully welcomed and worshiped the Saviour (Matthew 2: 10-11). But King Herod was so troubled when he heard about it that he tried to find and kill baby Jesus.

Most people, however, were unaware of the significance of what had happened. Still today, multitudes honor Jesus and rejoice in their salvation. But many others hate Him. They grumble about the singing of Christmas carols in shopping malls and the display of nativity scenes in public places. Others are apathetic. They go along with the celebration of the season. They may join in singing the Christmas carols, but they never ask themselves who Jesus is or why He came. They dont think of their need to believe Him and receive Him as their Saviour.

Are you among the indifferent?? To ignore Him and His claims is to reject Him. Christmas demands a decision about Christ. The choice is yours.

What will you do with Jesus?
Neutral you cannot be;
Someday your heart will be asking,
"What will He do with me?"

If you make room for Jesus in your heart,
He will make room for you in heaven.

Blessed Christmas 2009, peeps!!!!

have a memorable christmas....
**happy bday Jesus**

Thursday, December 24, 2009

hidden meaning of things we see during christmas...

a christmas tree - the pure green of a fir tree remains all year round depicting the everlasting hope for all mankind..and all the needles pointing to heaven symbolizes man's thoughts turning to heaven..

a bright star - symbolizes God promises to send a Saviour to the world..and the star is a sign of fulfillment to His promise..

candle - shows that Christ is the light of the world..this candle reminds us that He displaces darkness

wreath - teaches the real nature of never is one continuous round of affection..

santa claus ornament - generosity and good will we feel in the month of december..

holly leaf - represents also represents the crown worn by our Saviour..the red berries represent the blood He shed for us..

christmas gift - tells us for God so loved the world that He gave us His begotten son..thanks to God for His unspeakable gift..

candy cane - reminds us of a shepherd's crook..the crook on the staff helps a shepherd bring back lost sheep to the flock..we are reminded that we are each other's keeper too..

angel - it was angels that heralded the good news of our saviour's birth..they sang glory to God in the highest..on earth peace and good will to men..

christmas bells - as lost sheep are found by the sound of should ring mankind to the symbolizes guidance and return

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'll be home for christmas... εїз

after 5 hours of bus finally home..the journey was not as tirind as i tot it wud..i was practically sleeping the whole journey..hehe.. :P i declared my own holidays for today n 2moro..haha..

being at home 1st of all gives me fast internet..haha... :P (jus to make aisyah jealous) my house has been newly painted without me its all white instead of having sum shades of grey..n wen i walked into the living room..i spotted two presents for me..yay!!! but im gonna unwrap it only 2moro..cant wait for boxing day la..hehe..wonder wat is it.. :) one from my brother..n the other from my neighbour...
pic from mr google.. :P

2moro my relatives from ipoh will b long din c them d..hope to haf lots of fun with them.. :) we will b goin countdown at E& brother is the event manager for its gonna b his 1st time being the mc in front of his relatives..haha..

to all travelling back to ur home town careful on the roads ya..have a pleasant journey!!!!

blessed cmas!!!

this is specially for u.. ♥♥♥ blessed christmas!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, December 20, 2009

its your special day!!!! :: ♥ ::

blessed bday!!

ur 23!!!! hehe...old d lor.. :P can u guys c his cheeky face!! this proofs 23 is jus a number..haha.. :D this guy is the closest fren i ever had..a great lepak partner..a good advisor (grumpy one..haha)..

he is one who is nice to go 'kai kai' with..he can tolerate the length a girl needs to shop..hehehe... *thumbs up* and do u noe he is kinda creative??? haha... (trying hard to b one..)

painting a coin box

oh ya..he is a kid at heart too...lovable fren!!!! :) he can joke and play childish games along.. (but not for long..)

exactly a year ago :)

balloon tyme!! got it from the 'clown' beside me..haha

besides goin 'kai kai'..he is also fun 2 b around with... :) he will make jokes dat makes u laugh n stay young!!! hehehehe... :P he alwiz cheers me up!


batu feringgi

mr eskimo!!! or is he a polar bear?? haha

up n down!!! weee~!

oh ya..that pic reminds me of more nice point bout this guy is he is the best roller coaster partner any1 can find..he plays all sort of scary games with me..n we went on g-force together too!!!! i cant wait for another day to go on another roller coaster with him!!! :)

i had a great weekend celebrating ur bday..i hope u enjoyed it as much as i did.. :) u blew the candles twice..i hope all ur wishes come tru.. (thats if u really made wishes..hehe)

from me to u.. ♥


:: *hugs & kisses* ::

-thanks faithful listener-