Monday, February 28, 2011

Taylor Swift in the UK!!!!!

ahhhhhhh!!!! can u hear me scream?? im so excited to b given a chance to b in the running to win CONCERT TICKETS, ACCOMODATION and FLIGHT TICKETS to see TAYLOR SWIFT in UK!!! wondering who is sooo generous to giveaway those prizes??? its. . . . . . . . . RED FM!!!!!!!

las thursday i won RM1000 jus by listening to 104.9 (klang valley) at 8am and 5pm!! its very simple..once the deejays - Rudy, Jeremy or Terry shouts ur name. . .call them at 03-40431049 within 20 minutes and u will join me in being a thousand richer!!! woooo-hooo!!! so listen listen listen!!

let me give u some tips on how to win:
1) go to their facebook page can 'like' it

2) change ur profile picture to this. . .

3) shout out how much u love and taylor swift!!!

4) wait for ur name!! good luck! =)

TAYLOR SWIFT. . . . i cant wait for this friday...i wanna win and meet u in person!!

 u make me crazier crazier crazier!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Uniten Career Carnival 2011

the professional event of a month has finally ended. . . it was definitely very stressful or i should say pressurizing..i was dealing very closely with the marketing, events and web department..this whole process made me a better leader!! =) 

we had 4 different talks:
1. Groom Me
2. Take the Lead!
3. How to Ace Your Interview
4. Dine with Style

im so happy to be working with an awesome team. . .thanks Miss V, all the other dept heads, my managers - Joanne, Azeidah and Suraj and of course all my execs!!!

here are some pictures randomly from all the events. . . happy viewing!!!

during the preparation
- josh, anita, ME, wei ting -

dining with style!
thanks pan pacific klia. . .

many many lucky dips 
*big smiles for the winners*

registration duties. . .fun!

the fair itself

the amount of participants was amazing!!

good job guys!!!
was a pleasure working with u all. . . 
will drop by next year as a visitor! hehe

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, February 25, 2011

♫ LaLaLa ♫

it was one thursday wen suddenly my besties decided to go karaoke..there r some great student discounts at green box in jusco cheras selatan..RM10 for 3 hours from 1pm - 6pm...can have tit bits also!! great deal rite??? =)

off we went!!
its been some time since we went out..
all 4 of us =)

we had our entrance tag..haha
looks like we are goin to some theme park =P

 tit bits!!! crunch crunch crunch!
singing for 3 hours without tit bits is horrifying..
green box has it!! yay!!

my besties!
including the photographer! =)

it releases my stress

-thanks faithful listener-

♥ my lovely valentine ♥

thank God its stil my valentine post is not that late..haha =P my dear met an we decided to haf a very simple celebration..we decided to go for lunch instead..we chose secret recipe..sum wer near his home as well =)

our appetizer
deep fried wantons..yummy but kinda oily

this is mine!
i cant remember the exact name but..
its chicken with lots of cheese..yummy!

this is his..
black pepper beef..its very tendor!

our sweet dessert
this is awesome..its the choc molten lava cake..
there is melting chocolate in the cake..really good!

its was a simple celebration..
but very sweet and romantic..
cause i have him by my side!!!

thanks for the dress too =)

-thanks faithful listener-


im soooo sorry...this post is like so late..been really really busy!! jus wanna share with u what has happened these few days..

durian season is back!!! yay!!!
om nom nom nom.......
now suffering with ulcers =(

wondering y the bomba is here wen there is no fire??
haha...those girls left their keys in their car..
and it locked them out..hahaha..farney!

he met an accident.. =(
thank God he is ok..only lots of bruises..

i met an accident too =(
im totally ok but my car light is not..huhu

mr buncit is new in the aquarium..
so cute but a lil shy..hehe

my best cooked meal so far..
carbonara spaghetti..yummy!

i spotted this..sooo beautiful..
its like behind very cloud there is a silver lining =)

now that im less busy..i will b updating more often..hehe =) stay tune peeps....

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a lil busy in the kitchen

i did some cooking was kinda scary cause there was some stress to it..hehe..i had some very important visitors eating them.. =) and i came up with the menu so quickly..rushed to the nearest grocery store and then it was time to cook!!!

chinese cabbage with oysters sauce

chicken and potato with this new sauce

tempura prawns with thai sauce

this next meal was less stressful as i was kinda well prepared and its jus fry fry fry!! =) i had fish and chips with mushroom soup on the menu.. =)

crisp crisp crisp!!

-thanks faithful listener-

i miss penang food!!

its been a week in kl...i love the company i get here!! can go lepak with so many people..haha =P but i miss the hawker stalls and restaurants there...penang is a FOOD one can deny it!!

my favorite hawker stalls..newlane in town..

the popiah is thumbs the crispy stuff in it.. =)

'oh wa chien'..its fried oyster..
look at big!!! yummy!

porridge...this is not a normal porridge..
its plain but taste amazing!!!
its a must try....

this is Kampachi in Equatorial Hotel

salmon sashimi is my favorite n its buffet here!!
feels like paradise...burps!!

this is not actually only in penang..
this is from KFC..
they are not donuts but fish nuggets..must try!! u understand y i miss being in penang..look at how much food i get there..haha..but the weighing machine will get scared the longer im there!!! hahaha =P

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, February 5, 2011


its the 2nd day of chinese new year..its time to get back to aunty's house..this year we did not have a very grand celebration because my eldest aunty is it was a simple lunch followed by the older ones chit chatting..after lunch..i had some rest (im not feeling very well)..den my brother asked me to go jalan-jalan.. =)

we chose kellies castle..Oooo!
this castle is said to b spooky..
the late kellie smith has been seen roaming around! ahh!

me n my brother..the castle is very english like..

there are some parts of the castle which are really run down
some has collapse during world war 2!

this part of the castle is well maintained! lovely!

we managed to walk up to the highest level..
love the view but it was very hot! *sweaty*

although it was a short trip..
but i had fun with my bro!! =)

after the hot and sweaty temperature i had to be guasa-ed..wondering wats guasa?? its a massage technique where ur back will b scratched with a unique shell..hmmm...and it leaves red marks for a day or two..this is said to b able to release heat from ur body..traditional way i guess =)

this is what i mean by guasa =P

im more relaxed now BUT my back hurts!!


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, February 4, 2011

HOLIDAYS awaits me!!!

this year i really wanna thank God for the abundant blessings! =) i am so happy to know that i will b exploring many new places in the year 2011..weee~!! im excited!

my 1st destination is to Hatyai

i cant wait to visit the floating market

my next destination is to Singapore...weee~!

gonna say hello to all merlions! =)

 thirdly is goin to Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen!

im excited to see Macau...

 my 4th vacation is to Bali

i cant with to be romantic at Jimbaran bay.. *loves*

my next holiday is to Medan!!

cant wait to see lake toba..serene!

i have 5 holidays waiting for me..thanks to air asia..holidays are made easier =) i cant wait!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! *screams* i hope in the coming days i will have more holidays booked..hahaha.. =P

-thanks faithful listener-