Monday, January 31, 2011

hello penang!!!

im back home now!!!
gonna b in penang till sunday....
penang = food!!!
my search for my cravings has started!!

apom manis!!
the aneh said i will haf 6 for rm2 since its chinese new year!

yummy chicken leg and mushroom...

wan tan mee...this uncle's is unbeatable..
i ate at this father's shop wen i was younger..
both awesome!!!

my search will definitely go on for a week..hehehe =)

FOOD means NO DIET!!

oh no!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, January 30, 2011

i love contests!!

if u haf been reading my blog..u mite realize that i haf been winning some food vouchers from fast food restaurants to prestige restaurants..but never a voucher for spa..thinking bout spa makes me dream of comfort, relaxation and stress relieving..

who can resist being pampered in such a comfy room???

as i was researching on my final year head was goin bonkers with so many different codings and i dont know which will build succesfully and which will have the outcome i need..oh dear!!!! STRESS!!! so i decided to go for blog reading..if u dun know wat dat..its actually simply googling for blogs and reading them and if i love them..i will bookmark them!! fun sometimes =)

i came across this blog..
interesting filipino working mum =)

and guess wat i found...i consider myself to b lucky and blessed..she is having a giveaway in conjunction with her blog's 3rd anniversary!!! ahhhhh...and she is giving out 50% discount vouchers!!!!!!! i want them of coz i joined..wanna b my competitor?? visit her blog!! hehe....all the best! =)

hope they will be mine...*fingers crossed*

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, January 29, 2011

pavillion with my bestie

mid term break is finally here..time to gif myself some me time..and also some frens time and of coz lots of love time..hahaha.. =P since its a working day..its me and frens the morning..chah n i went to pavilion to settle some stuff..once we got it was shopping time =) we decided not to drive there coz the parking fees are really we took public transport..its been awhile tho...

us at sungai besi lrt station

got our 'pergi balik' tickets to hang tuah...

we had to change to monorail and stop at bukit bintang station..

on our way walking to pavilion..there were promoters promoting buy 1 free 1 at sakae sushi..and since i haf not eaten my favourite salmon sashimi for some time..i suggested to have some for tea time =) since we only managed to have brunch...

my companion for the day

my 1st time here..look at the cute mr frog

lobster and squid sushi

soft shell crab temaki

salmon mango temaki

egg mayo sushi

unagi sushi

my favorite salmon..i had 2 plates only..huhu..

as a comparison to sushi usual choice..sushi king has more choices..but i like the soy sauce and the sushi rice texture... =) but its a lil more pricey here..but u guys out there who love sushi..i would suggest u to gif it a try here!

we were out for almost 5 hours..hmmm..n thank God my car is safe..haha..i parked by the road side only..not in a proper parking lot..luckily no saman as well..haha..

p/s: for those travelling back already..haf a safe journey!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the bachelor season 15

its just episode 4 and im already rooting for some of the girls to marry Brad Womack..haha..if u guys are wondering wats this all about..its actually a reality tv series that im watching called 'The Bachelor'...its a show where a good looking bachelor finds his wife.. =) i really like watching their romantic dates and how the girls create drama and attention for the guy..haha..but im rooting for 6 girls!!


this is Madison...but she left already =(
she was too soft hearted n could not stand fighting with other girls
she said some deserved him more than her..haih!

i like her soft side =) im sure Brad misses her too...


 this is Shawntel..she is very shy..but i like the way she tries to open up

this is their signature pose..hehe
she asked him to carry her the same way on a date =)


the soft spoken girl...

pretty rite? she reminds me of Tenley..another bachelorette =)


this is wat i mean by romantic dates! haha

awwww...i like how she carry herself..full of respect and fun!

one of my dream dates..hahhaa... *zap back to reality*


she is miss bubbly

i like the way Brad is so himself around her...

as a viewer..i cant even choose one girl to root sure its hard for Brad himself..haih...but i do wish him all the best.. =) everyone deserves to find love cause its a very blissful experience =) awwww.....i cant wait for the next episode!! back to final year project! =(

-thanks secret keeper-

Monday, January 24, 2011

my weekend

many things i think im gonna let the pictures do the talking! cant b spending lots of time final year project is fighting for my attention..oh no!!! =(

my self reward for finishing a small part of my fyp progress

one mouth full each donut..ahhh..choc makes me happy!!
*big big smiles*

movie date with yati..grrrr!
big applause to both of us..we din really close our eyes!

sushi time too!!! ahhh..i miss salmon now! *drools*
look at the amount we had...hahahha

satisfied cause we had 20% off..weee~!

baby sitting time..hahhaa...
met baby ethan at a party...cute cute..
he has grown!

kate lynn turns 1..happy bday baby!
look at the many presents..nice!

now the weekend is over..huhu..time to stay focus on my final year project..ahhh...this week i haf a due date to catch! i dun like thinking about it..but i haf to.. =( *sob sob* cant believe its jus monday and im already looking forward for the weekend!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, January 20, 2011

romantic dinner @ boardwalk

last nite, i went for a romantic dinner...ahhh..i love the nite! amazing food, great ambience and of coz with a great companion =) it was jus the two of us..enjoying each other... *loves*

we were at hilton kl

we chose to dine at boardwalk, their poolside restaurant

i like the surrounding so much..

i got a great the pool..
thanks to early reservation =)
there were only 4-5 tables by the pool...

appetizer - the Cesare salad
the cheesie taste was just nice
but im not a fren of green vege..huhu

spicy tomato soup..contradicting title rite?
the flavour was kinda confusing as well...hmmm

finally the main course!!
bbq plater for 2...yummy!
we had veal sausages, lamb, grilled salmon, corn, beef steak and many more...
*burp burp*

tropical fruits platter with vanilla ice cream
jus the best dessert after a whole lot of bbq dishes... =)

we were really we decided to take a walk around the pool while waiting for our was very beautiful and romance is in the air!!! hehehehe....

*smiles of satisfaction*

*bye hilton..hope to b coming back!*

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i serve faithful God

im so blessed to be goin tru life with a great God..

a God that i know i can rely on..

i am so happy to be experiencing Him..

i heard Him speaking to me last Sunday

it was definitely great hearing His voice =)

im so blessed that the Lord put dear in my life..

tru our relationship..i saw how faithful the Lord is..

how much blessings He can pour into something that pleases Him..

all we need to do is to put Him 1st and be right with Him..

and the Lord will be faithful!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, January 14, 2011

yati is getting older!!!

its my bestie's big day!!! she is gonna b a year older!! hahahaha...can call her kak yati d! =P

look at how silly we can be..
thats what frens are for rite? =P

the B.S.M.F!!!!
we celebrated it at nasi arab putrajaya...

nasi arab with grilled chicken, RM15

nasi arab with lamb, RM15

chicken kebab roll, RM6

and there is sirap bandoo as well..haha.. =P
that was how arab's call it i guess..hehe

while we were eating, the bf came with the cake..

there goes her 22!! its time for the 2 and 3!!

all those who were that celebrating in the arab style..haha

the after nite!!
"hantu kak limah balik rumah"
oh no!! silly jokes are not my type..i slept!! haha

yati, i hope u had fun!!

-thanks faithful listener-