Wednesday, June 30, 2010

movie première: back up plan

on 24th june...i went to watch back up plan..i guess im the 1st few to b able to watch it so early..thanks to!!! :) the premiere was at the curve...i invited 5 frens to join me..lucky ones!! hehe..

the girls @ the curve

once everyone arrived..we were kinda early..we did sum window shopping..den we decided to have dinner at 'the garden'..the setting was really nice n the food is good too!!

girly menu..hehe

nice setting?? i love the cupid fountain!

my drink
apple frizzy @ RM11.90

wedges with chilli mayo @ RM9.90

BBQ chicken wings @ RM 11.90

after was nearly time for movie..i wanted to b early so that i could win sum freebies..hehe... :) usually gives out gifts b4 the movie..n i read this time there's a perfume to b given out..but on that night..none!!! :( but i stil got a tee-shirt! weee~!

cute limited edition tee..thanks ♥!

i had a wonderful time in the cinema..the movie was really funny n romantic :) i love romantic comedy movies...jus my type! :) since it was a working after party..hehe..gotta go home n sleep as soon as possible..if not! i guess im not goin for work the next day! hahaha... =D

group pic #1
far timer was too far on the bird cage stand..hehe

group pic #2
a lil closer..hehe..thanks to mr waiter!

thanks for the lovely movie outing!!!

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. i watched it earlier tho.hehehe.dloaded clear copy 10/10.

    ~dload queen~

  2. haha...that disqualified! haha..the show was nice..except the giving birth part..hehe