Wednesday, June 2, 2010

places to visit in malaysia...

this post is more for my international frens :) hope this answers a few of ur questions bout wer to visit n wat to eat in my country... :) be my guest....

lets begin with my country's map..
the labelled places are different states..
the attractions im goin to show from various places...
let our journey begin...

-petronas twin towers-
this is located in our capital city
its has a very exclusive shopping complex at the lower half of the tower
its the highest building from 1998-2004 :)

Kuala Lumpur - Aquaria KLCC
this is an underground aquarium..
its beautiful n also at the lowest level of the Petronas Twin Towers

mount kinabalu...this is in sabah
its peak is 4095 above sea level
the view is very breath taking..

this is the sunset view of mount kinabalu... :)
i haven't hiked up to the peak yet..its a must try!!

this is a bird eye view of Genting..
its the largest entertainment theme park.. :) its in pahang..
this place is chilly..almost 19 degrees..
below are the signature attractions..

Genting flying coaster...weee~!

Genting - sky venture..
its really like flying without wings..haha

Genting - Snow world..
since Malaysia has no winter..this is the only place 2 play snow.. =P
hmmm..i hope i din miss out on any specials in Genting...

this is Sunway Lagoon
this is also in our capital city, Kuala Lumpur
this is the 2nd largest theme park we have...
it has 5 parks..n my favorites are the scream and extreme park :)
*thumbs up*

this is in Malacca...its known as Red Square..
that church is a history..Christ Church..

Malacca - A Farmosa fortress
this is built under the command of the Portuguese rulers

Malacca - trishaw rides around town
this town is also known as "Baba and Nyonya"
these are the Chinese leaving in Malay cultures...

Malacca - Jonker Street
this is the very famous night market..sumting like Chinatown
u can bargain from clothings, shoes, bags, toys and of course food!!!

welcome to my state - Penang
this is our longest bridge - 13.5km
im proud!! hehe

this is still in my state...Penang
this is one of our treasured heritage, Khoo Kongsi
this is a place wer Buddhist pray

Penang - Batu Feringghi
since Penang is an island..of coz waves are a must! :)
i jus love hanging out by the beach...
call me wen ur in my state!!!

Sarawak - Mulu Cave
its 700m long and 396m wide
sounds adventures?? try it out!

Sarawak - Mulu Cave
this is the bird eye view..beautiful??

Sabah - Sipadan Island
isn't it beautiful??
this island is great from diving n snorkelling..
if ur lucky..sharks mite swim near u!!

Sabah - Sipadan Island
i love this shot...the undersea world is amazing!
i wish to dive there one day..

last but not least...this nex place is not a top place to visit..but if u are in our capital city, Kuala Lumpur..take a 1 hour drive to Kuala Selongor...this place is filled with fireflies...they are God's unique creation..they bright light!! n my university is the main sponsor for this tourism spot... :)

Kuala Selangor - those flickering lights are the fireflies
they mite not shine brightly everyday..
depending on how much sunlight they manage to capture in the day
and also its brighter after a shower of rain..

this is wat they look like close up!!!
mini torch..hehe..or mebbe flying torch! :)

p/s: i think i wil post up about foods u must try in Malaysia in my next post..this is getting really long..haha..

if there is any places in ur state u think is a must comment n let me noe...i will add it to my list!! :) haf fun reading!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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