Thursday, June 17, 2010

Palace Bak Kut Teh @ Pavilion

1st of all...this post is non-halal.... :) but im jus gonna make it a very brief wan...

wen my mum was in of our dinners was here..the pork is really well cooked and its quality is thumbs up! mouth-watering i promise!

this is their trademark..i think! :P
its at the entrance...hehe

this is the signature dishes
kuckles, ribs and 'sam chan bak'

the ambiance and furnitures of the restaurant brings me back to those granny and grandpa days..hehe..

get wat i mean? haha

the service was really and efficient n the waitresses were all very polite and friendly..oh ya! but many of them can only speak english...but we waited for a chinese waitress because mum wanted a certain part of the pig..n she only knows the name in chinese..haha..but all in all...great! hmmm...about the price..every small bowl was about RM15

our bill came up to RM80!
worth the try!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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