Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Story 3 premiere

thanks for the free premiere tickets!!

it was a really nice movie...i had fun..its like i last watch toy story wen i was standard 5 (11 years ago)..the story line was nice..n touching in the end..but i was wondering y did mix..fm give away the big cruel bear?? i wanted to win it..but after the show i was like..eeww..that bear is a bad bear! :(

suddenly i realize how my barbie dolls and teddy bears feel wen my mum gave them away to the orphanage wen i was entering boarding school in 2004..but i think my toys love it there..cause wen they were with me..their life were only in the box..

i was not really a crazy fan of woody or buzz..but if i haf the opportunity to meet them..of course i would.. :)

this is kinda blur..bad photograher..

komala seems to b a better photographer.. :P

building blocks...

us with woody's new friends..

i like mr.pricklepants most!! :)
i dun like mr old dirty bear most!! :(

a week before the movie was out in the cinemas...disney conducted a live "woody and buzz appearance" in mid valley center court...since im working there...of coz i lined up to snap picture with them!!! "to infinity and beyond!"

azura was the host

hello woody and buzz!!

haf fun watching this movie! grab ur tickets...3D is great!

-thanks faithful listener-

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