Tuesday, June 1, 2010

out with my cell group mates!

the person of the day!
its her early bday n farewell celebration.. :)

after church..we went for lunch at kenny rogers alamanda..i had a quarter meal..yummy!!! the surprise was not very smooth tho..everyone was kinda shocked wen the cake was out..even i was shocked..no one sang..no one clapped..neither anyone cheered..the waitress even thought she brought the cake to the wrong table..haha...but wen she wanted to take the cake away..i finally voiced out..haha..lucky!! :)

thats 11 of us..(including wen li the photographer)
a very full lunch..hehe

after the cutting of the cake n settling of the bill...sum left for sum shopping..sum left for work..but a few of us continued on for sum photo shoots..haha...

nice! but our eyes are all squint! hot!

this indoor snap is better! eyes better now..haha

i had so much fun!! :) looking forward to more of this!!

HAPPY 'early' BIRTHDAY and haf a good time in UK, wen lin!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. Thanks so much Val for everything. =)
    Indeed it was a pleasant surprise.
    God bless and enjoy your time at work.