Thursday, June 10, 2010

borneo reunion

last start off with the day mentioned already means this is late...sorry!!! was waiting for the pics from my fren...abg boss..

1st of all..let me tell u wat this reunion is all was back in 2007..hmmm...3 years ago..

our team motivated orphans

our team at kampung work

this was my foster!

we were at the sabah's merdeka march

and of coz sight seeing around...
sabah, sarawak n brunei :)

all these task were a challenge in 10 days..

las week...thanks to facebook..we decided to haf a mini reunion...yay! we decided to meet up near garden cafe...the place was jus ok too...nothing really a must to go! parking was horrible..none! jus along the roads...but one thing..its facing klcc.. :) nice view!

11 of us i think...
many cud not make it..haih

the girls...
me ~ kak dalila ~ kak ainis ~ kak onny

nice view rite??? :) 
love this pic!

my circle of frens...
since a circle has no end..
i hope our frenship wil b the same too.. :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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