Monday, June 28, 2010

new goodyear tyres!!

im now in penang.. :) i drove back all the on Saturday, i decided to service my car..the normal servicing which was jus to change my oil..but the mechanic listed out many other stuff to b changed..oh no!! more things to change means more $$$...i got my brake pads n tyres changed! altogether approximately RM750..*the hole is my pocket is really BIG*

this post is gonna help girls everyone learn more about changing tyres process..which cost a BOMB!

this is my old continential tyre
c the thread?? thats dangerous!
that was on the inner i cud not spot it til the mechanic told me
if u can c thread on ur tyre..dun speed!!!

Persona tyres are 195 x 60 x 15...the prices are each RM225 (goodyear) and RM190 (continential)..once u decide to change ur tyre..u have to include balancing and allignment..this mite cost RM26

putting my new tyre into the old rim
easier with the help of oil or lubricant(pelincir)

once its fitted..but b balanced..
this is call balancing..
the tyre will spin..n the computer will tell if the weight is balanced

these are the weights used to balance the tyres
mine was the 5g weights..
a stretched of them!

a closer look of mine..

now its time for alignment..
this is also computerized! :)

this squarish thing is the sensor plate to check for it allignment
too left? too right?

this is the alignment reading...

after balancing and alignment process..the mechanic found out that my tyres need cambering..this is a process of adjusting the tyres so that its angle is right..this reduces the friction of the tyre n the the tyre will not get "flower-less" so fast!!! then u wont haf to change ur tyres so frequent...and a new tip! switch ur tyres front and back every 10,000km..this makes ur tyres more long lasting too!! :)

had to fix a screw cause proton doesnt come with it..
this screw is the cambering screw

yay! finally good reading!! :)

thanks to Mr Nden for servicing my car and showing me my tyre changing helped so much..especially wen i was driving back in a very very heavy rain!!! i guess if i over looked this car might haf skidded on the highway!! thanks!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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