Thursday, June 3, 2010

♥ counting 1,2,3.......22 ♥

today is a happy day...
im jus loving it as days pass by 
to keep love goin...
its definitely not easy..but fun!!! :)
a sneak peak of wat i think about love...

a few quite moments..jus the 2 of us..
sitting in the playground..laughing at kids..

a more romantic quiet moments..
counting stars and enjoying warm hugs..

surprises are fun!!!
it melts the heart with warm love..

away precious moments...
sitting by the beach with ice cream is weee~!
goin on day trips and snapping pics is thumbs up!

shopping is fun!
time to know each others' apparel choices.. :)
walking in the mall is jus a pleasant date!
additional movie will b yay~!

celebration of special moments..
i love being all romantic during special occasions..

dropping a note is crucial..
its not that i forgot...but those words can light up my whole day! :)

* lucky to haf a guy with my perfect ticked list*

i pray for these words to b true to me all my life.... 

*my one and only*

-thanks faithful listener-

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