Friday, June 18, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 11

This week all the preparation about Beta Testing is 80% complete. *big smiles* I had another discussion with my supervisor. He informed me of all the amendments I have to make to my call flow and gave me a briefing on Categories and Sub Categories. I was also taught on how to implement the call flow at Superceed webpage.

my supervisor briefing is on the call flow

 thats a lot of ammendments rite?? haha..

Notes about the briefing:

We learnt what Cat and Sub Cat is all about. Look at the example below:

Cat                                        Sub Cat
Language                                English
Department                             Billing
Specialized On                        Payment
Sub Category                          International

This week, I finished 80% of the call flow. I also finished the 30 Q&A. The editing of Text-to-Speech files were done by using Wave Pad Editor. We have learnt using this software beginning of industrial training.

Wave Pad Editor.

-thanks faithful listener-

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