Tuesday, June 1, 2010

murni discovery

this is the new branch of the murni at SS2...this new branch is situated at Jalan PJU1/3b...the place is of course way cleaner..but mebbe bcause its new..hehe =P the service is good for drinks n roti..but for pasta..hmmm...jus ok-ok! i waited for almost half n hour for my pasta..huhu..n the waiter gave me an excuse "sorry kena tunggu..pasta tengah rebus!"..let me translate that.."sorry u gotta wait, we were boiling ur pasta"...argh!

mango special...
its mango ice blended with longan and nata d coco... *thumbs up*

roti jepun..
its a mixture of egg + cheese + condensed milk
it yummy..a lil sweet too!

carbonara pasta..
this is not my favorite.. :( it tasted like thick original maggi flavour..
will never haf a 2nd plate!!

that was our dinner on sunday night... :) but there are a few dishes i love from the main murni branch...i wanted to try sumthing new since we asked the waiter wat was good..the two dishes above was mentioned...but i think during my nex visit..i wil love roti jepun but not carbonara..haha..n mebbe back to my old orders.. :)

dragon pretzel
this is yummy..
its chicken + egg + sausages wrapped in the naan flour

roti hawaii
this is sumthing like mince chicken added to a roti telur with lots of mayo!!!

do check out the new murni discovery ok? but go slightly earlier for dinner or later for supper to avoid the waiting queue for places... :) have fun!

-thanks faithful listener-

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