Monday, June 7, 2010

big apple dona-shi

ain't the sushi donuts above cute??? it looks like sushi but its not! big apple is now in a japanese fiesta..hehe..there are 2 packages...18 dona-shi for RM20 or 28 dona-shi for RM25 :) the fancy patterned sushi is actually flavoured cream and jelly...

my favorite is the chocolate n nuts dona-shi

as u can c in the background...i bought this package for, anita, wen yih and komala...we were excited at the cuteness of the dona-shi..but not really for the taste..its jus simple n sum are too sweet...the cream n jelly is not my favorite..

they gave us chopsticks too...
exactly like eating sushi rite? hehe

komala cant wait any longer to eat!! scary!

we had a happy time eating..
laughing at the funny choices sum of us made..

it mite not b the most delicious donuts..but its worth the try! :) go to ur nearest big apple n grab them...oh ya..if u grab them in this month..u wil get 2 contest form to win sum cash vouchers!! haf fun :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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