Thursday, July 1, 2010

dental check up!

i hate goin to the dentist...its just a fear that i dun think i can ever overcome..sumtimes the dental visitation is drilling..but will always b that scary fear in me..huhu..i would try my very best to escape goin to the dental clinic...but yesterday i walked into the dental clinic alone..SCARY!!!

im always very worried and afraid of the dentist

im hate the drills and funny uncomfortable tools!!!

my appointment was at 2pm i could feel sick in my tummy..butterflies are all over in my tummy...feel like puking n fainting!!! i was slightly early..i had to wait for my dentist to b back from lunch...sitting on the sofa waiting to b drilled was terrible!

many patients were having toothache..
but not me!! shud i come back wen its painful???
i dun mind not goin in!!

suddenly, my name was called! ahhhhh! can i not enter? all sorts of thoughts n painful moments rushed into my mind...i was really terrified..sitting on the dental chair..i help the chair handle very very tightly..thank God it didnt break!! haha

the surrounding i hate most!!!

after checking my teeth...the doctor found a decay..oh no!! this means there will b drilling..grrr..i did ask the doctor wat to do to ensure my teeth doesnt decay that fast..he explained that im born with deep grooves on my it gets tiny holes easily..huhu..unlucky me! :(

c that tiny hole??
after all the scary drilling...its now finally patched up!!!
i survived..haha

p/s: i miss him..i so wanted him beside me on the dental chair 
-thanks faithful listener-


  1. Well, at least the good dentist quickly saw the decay before it became too serious. You need to feel comfortable with your dentist so you won't be afraid next time. I'm sure you know the importance of dental health.

  2. thanks sean! i am definitely trying to get use to my dentist so that i wont shiver during my next visit..thanks for the encouragement! =)

  3. you got off lucky I was sat in that dentit chair for an hour and a half then after all that surery i was told that i would have to go the orthodontist to get x-rays as well as getting a mould of my teeth made and then getting told i would need braces for my squint teeth and my over bite along with getting 3 teeth out, but the worst thing was that i got told i had a tooth comming through the roof of my mouth. they said they were just taking out teeth from my mouth that would just get in the way of my braces!!! I said you got off lightly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  4. Come on, Valerie! I’m sure it wasn’t that scary. What’s scary is when you let the decay in that tiny hole get worse, and then you’ll have to spend more money for procedures and surgeries. Still, I’m proud of you for being brave and facing your fears, though I hope you’ve gotten over your dental phobia by now.
    -- Dr. Jairo Chavez