Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So unlucky........

maybe all my luck has been used up on winning tickets...especially movie tickets!!! i went for toy story preview yesterday!! fun! but since today's post is about me being so very unlucky...its like on going for the whole day..n i hope it doesnt happen today..

 early in the morning...i spilled milo n my tee..
i had to bare with the stain til 10pm

wen i was out for lunch...
sum stranger dropped a bowl of "bubur kacang hijau"
n my feet!!!! so now my tee n jeans are stained

rushed to the nearest toilet...
no water!!!!
u must b kidding me...
use mineral water to wash it off.. :(

on the way back to the office after lunch...
i was elbowed..
not s terrible as the picture..
it hit my lap..ouch!!!

n wen everyone is happy spending their pay..
mine was notified that it was bounced! :(
gotta wait for a new cheque..haih..

once i was done with tuition..
on my way out...
my nose was bleeding!! oh no!

i dunno wat to do..but i thank God yesterday was over..n thank God only He is the same today, yesterday and forever...i dun wanna go tru the same day i had today...n thank God nothing unlucky happen to me on the road as i was driving...

looking forward to a bright lucky day!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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