Friday, June 25, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 12

This is my final week....happy!! but i know when im totally done..i will miss it... :( before i get emotional...let me tell u what i have been doing this week.

meetings and discussions

There was a meeting on Tuesday. So I had to present the call flow I have been working on. Accordingly, there are still a few amendments to be done. It took me a day to finish it. So on Thursday, I had to upload all the wave files to the website.

On Thursday, Miss Norain from Mdec came to visit all the interns in my company. I was asked to complete a survey form as I applied for industrial training in this company through Mdec. Her visitation was very important and knowledgeable as she told us the different steps and courses that could help me once I graduated. Thanks Mdec!

Here comes the emo part =P I would like to thank Mr Jeffrey (my supervisor) and the other staffs Kenneth and Le Lee..they have been great through out these three months..they have been guiding me with knowledge and most importantly patience. :) Thanks so much for everything!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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