Saturday, August 29, 2009

♪ im goin a place wer i belong.. ♪

yesterday..after my test..i went for a movie..'Imagine that'..its a comedy movie..main actor is eddie comedian.. =)

i rate it 5/5

for me its a must watch movie..hehe..its so hilarious..the story is about him who is crazy over shares..wants to talk to his daughter's imaginary fren for clues on which share wud make it n which he should let go..the ideas he had..jokes he did..made this one of the very few muvees i watch completely during a midnite muvee.. (its usually hard for me to watch tru a muvee during midnite)..but i did this time!

today early in the morning i went to subang airport..checked in around 8.30am..den i boarded the plane at 9.10am..

this is my boarding pass...

while waiting to board the plane..since i was alone waiting..i started taking pics..hehe..this time not pics of myself..but pics of the plane im gonna b in..hehe..its my 1st time sitting firefly..i usually go home by bus..but this time i had 2 go back by had to choose to go home by air..

small n cute..hehe

once i reached home..i rushed to the food fair..n so sad..i forgot my camera!!! ahhh....n my phone battery was not enuf to last..din charge it the nite no pics..huhu..sad sad..but i had fun n i enjoyed so much of penang food..hehe..i bought laksa, hokkien mee, chee cheong fun n cendol..yum yum!!! (of coz i din finish the food on my own..i got a target to achieve remember? haha)...

the fair ended at 4pm..after that..came back home..rested..rolled on the bed..den i was surfing the net..n i heard this song on the radio again..i love this song!!!! brings the merdeka spirit!!!!!

this song title is "satu malaysia"..its sung by all the DJs...nice song!!! oh ya..another thing that i love this merdeka is an advertisement...

isnt that sweet? all nations are 1? no difference on skin colour.. =) wonderin wer wil i count down 2moro..i think i wil join my brothers countdown event in he can fetch me there n back..hehe... =P

to all Malaysians, lets keep the MERDEKA spirit burning..hehe

-thanks faithful listener-

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