Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka!!!! merdeka!!!! merdeka!!!

it's our country's national day..our freedom was taken in 1957 from britain by Tunku Abdul Rahman..(he's the man!!!) he officiate 31st august as our independence day at dataran merdeka...

thats him!! claiming malaysia!!

this year..2009..our prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib officiate the slogan for our merdeka, "1 MALAYSIA!!!"..he has a different mind set on his nations..he wans his nation to b united as 1!!! =) (that's the way!!)

our logo!!!

im so blessed to b staying in this country..its so peaceful..there are no fearful terrible life taking disasters.. ★ (stars to malaysia!!! hehe)..i pray that malaysia wil continue to stay so peaceful..continue to b safe from all dangerous disasters..and may our leaders lead the nations with right decisions.. =)

sumtin i found out regarding our country...

Rahman (1st prime minister)
Abdul Razak (2nd PM)
Hussien Onn (3rd PM)
Mahathir (4th PM and the one i love most!)
Abdullah (5th PM)
Najib (current PM)
*wonder who wil b the nex PM..hehe*


-thanks faithful listener-


  1. zaman -RAHMAN- dah habis.
    (RAHMAN-first letter of all the prime minister name)
    pasni -MAHATHIR- pulak

  2. oish...mane chah tau???? mesti tipu...bleks =P