Friday, August 28, 2009

books til 8pm..haha

today..i haf no plans till 8pm..i haf to study random!!! probabilities after gonna sit for my test 1 at 8.30pm...wish me luck ya...! my test wil b for 1 and a half hours..meaning at freee!!!! hehe.. ♥

♫ i've got a feeling...that tonite's gonna b a good nite... ♫

2moro i wil b goin church back home is having a food carnival in PISA..(penang international sports arena)..i wil b helping out..helping to buy more food to eat!! hahaha... =P..c all of u who wil b there!!! those in penang for drop by okie? =)

im sure the details are clear c u there!!!

okie..i haf to get back to my books!!!! random random random..huhu..i hate the test stress!!! bleks......dun forget to wish me luck..hehe.. (need lots of it!!!)

-thanks faithful listener-

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