Sunday, August 30, 2009

such a heart wrenching news!!!

this happened in san francisco..a gal was 11 wen she was kidnapped..n found 18 years later!!! oh dear...she was caught n taken to a very remote area..she was kidnapped while waiting for her school bus..she has hidden in a shed behind the kidnapper's house all this while..

she was raped several times..she was 1st pregnant at the age of 14..she has 2 kids with the kidnapper!!!! now the kids are 11 and 15...wat a poor gurl to have to bare the pain at such a young age...wen she was older..she was forced to b a prostitute to earn money for the silly kidnapper...

wondering how was she found??? the police actually rated the area she was "working"..thank God...they found her n also the kidnapper!!! wat a cruel heartless guy!!!!

the cute sweet gurl 18 years ago

my dad showed me this..he was warning me not to walk alone in dark areas n all la..i feel its very penang..the crime rate now is so high n its also frightening..the snatch thief here dun only push u but stab u..almost like trying to kill u for ur valuable stuff..haihz... *worry* be careful ya frens out there!!!!! think of safety at all times... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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