Friday, August 28, 2009

we are officially dissolved..

the final report is done..meaning im DONE!!! hehe..we had techflow's agm las wed..26th aug..

thats d compilation of all the 2008/09 committees

we had to present our accomplishments to all the members..letting them know wat was done for the one year..for the pas one year..we were moving ahead with the theme "transform-us"..

me presenting my final report..welfare 1 =)

after all the mike were asked to give a few words n dissolve the old committee..hehe..i was feeling happy at the same time..i miss working with the committees!! awwww...

our advisor dissolving the committees

after the was time for pictures!! and food...this time is nasi goreng!!!

the old comm with 1 sesat..adam..hehe

the welfare 1 & 2

my great committees..nice serving with u all!! hugs... ♥

this agm is not only about the old committees stepping down..but also the new committees stepping up..wish u guys all the God n He will provide...

2009/2010 committee board

i had a great year serving in the committee..thanks for all the guidance n sweet memories..!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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