Monday, May 31, 2010

movies to catch in june...

this is coming out on 10th june
its my number 1 priority...
heard lots of good comments bout it... :)

this is a chic-flick movie i think :P
gonna b in cinemas 3rd june
gotta save a girls day out for this..
or mebbe the guys wud love it too since she's hot..haha

this is a kiddy movie..but i like.. :)
it clashes with karate kid..10th june
but this is a must watch too...haih..
magical nanny!!!

hmmm...since u noe wat movie im into...lets start checking our schedule n popcorn outings shall begin.. :) besides this 3 movies...any others u wud like to recommend?? let me noe!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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