Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taman Connaught Night Market...

this is the awesome L.O.N.G night market..

yesterday..after work..i went to the 'pasar malam' above.. :) its really long n there is so many things to see n eat..left and right!! i spent almost 3 hours there!! wow! n now my legs hurt..haha..

let me share with u sum yummy food i spotted..of coz i din eat all..but...i wish i cud..haha...

taiwan sausages stall
there were all sorts of flavours..spicy, original, bbq, honey n so many more!!
but i love bbq n original since im not a fan of chili :P

jeruk...hmmm *sour*
i would love to buy this..but sour sour things 4 me at night.. :(
it looks fresh tho..

crispy wraps..
there was like 20 over options..
mine was ham + cheese + onions + cucumbers + chili sauce *YUMMY*

bangkok sweet dessert
its sweet flour + santan + coconut :)
sounds yummy?? make sure u try..

cute cartoon cakes
i din try these at all..haha..dun fancy them! :P

this is the crocs jibbitz..bute???
thanks for this cute gift!!! :)

i bought a black bag.. :P
shopping is a must..haha..

i have so much fun yesterday...i jus love these outings!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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