Monday, May 31, 2010

happy birthday anita!!!

let me share with u about the little surprise we had for my fren, anita... :) sunday was her exact we decided to celebrate it today..we already told our plans to her mum n that they wud b notified if she wil b slightly late after work..n her mum is jus fun! she helped us hide this secret plan til the end...hehe..

after work..we jus came out with the plan to watch movie..using the excuse that wen yih had a buy 2 free 1 movie voucher expiring anita had no excuse since its the last date to use it..haha..coincidently..wen we left the office..komala was unsure if she locked the we took anita along to recheck..n it made things easier..wen yih n i cud go get the cake n buy the movie tickets pretending that our intentions were to queue for the tickets..hehe..n anita waited in mcd..den we came up with the cake..n she was definitely surprised altho she din show much expressions..=P

yummy choc cake :)
bday girl's favorite flavour!

the bday girl :)

it was not easy using my hp to get this awesome shot! hehe

by the time we finished eating n also snapping was time for our movie...the nightmare at elm street...its a horrifying thriller movie.. =/ but i shud say if u like thrills..this is a must watch movie..its all about murder cases in dreamland with actually happens in the world its like if sum1 is killed in dreamland..that sum1 is oso dead in the real world..sound funny?? watch it for proof..hehe

my ratings: 8/10★

i hope u enjoyed ur bday ur older den me officially..hehe.. =P hope u wil haf a great year ahead!!! 

me n the birthday girl!!! *hugs*


-thanks faithful listener-

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