Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blessed Mother's Day!!

It's been 28 years my mother is a mummy...wondering y i said my mother is a mummy?? both are not the same...wen a women is called mother..her duty as a mum is not accomplished yet..the relationship of mother and child must have been far...if a women is called mummy..mission accomplished! the child has definitely felt the closeness n warmth of love from the mummy!! *thumbs up mummy*

my mummy is like my travelling partner...we go holidays very often..but i think its gonna get harder gonna start working in a year time..n its never gonna b a time wen there is a week of public holidays like how i do wen im studying...hehe...there's like sem break and self-declared break to go on a vacation..haha!! :P but im very happy to have been to many countries with my mum...

us in tokyo

foot massage in china

goofy in hongkong disney land

posing in katoomba, australia

snowing in korea



-thanks faithful listener-

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