Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i ♥ reality tv shows!!!

ever since the month of april..i spent my freetime a lot with mr.youtube..hehe..i haf been follwing many many reality tv shows...n i love the suspense that leads from one episode to the other since there wil b eliminations n additional exciting drama..n of coz the fun of seeing the participant whom i dun like leaving the show n the participant whom im a fan of staying for another week... :)

the show i love most is.....

the bachelor
one bachelor finding love among 25 ladies...

mr jake pavelka - *charming* bachelor
 he is a pilot....n im wondering howcome he needs the media to find a wife?? :P
the romantic dates he plans can definitely win a girl's heart..

after 2 months...he proposed with a princess cut ring..awww

jake n vienna, the lucky one!

next that i love is...

the bachelorette
she is luckier..she got to choose among 30 gentlemen :)

after giving out roses for weeks...she found love! *smiles*
these shows are really romantic..

may they b happy always!! altho its jus a tv show..but they do get married..
they cant fake and act that out rite??

third best show is...

america's next top model
its nice seeing the girls with weird unique outfits and funny pretty make ups
and sumtimes often the winner is not my choice!!

i jus dun c wats so beautiful in her!! grrr...

another show i like is very motivating...

this series help people around the world lose weight
its beautiful seeing the obese people getting into shape!

this is wat they look in the beginning of the season..
wait for the after looks wen the finale is aired.. (2 more weeks time!)

watching exciting n challenging racing shows are so me!!
the participants travel to many many countries...all across the world!

the different participating groups..n the winner is the brothers team!! :)

i loved this coming series a little bit !!!

sew sew sew...design design design..
this series is filled with gays..oops..guys!
but luckily the winner is a real man..hehe..

seems that im really enjoying my tv series..n this is gonna b the main reason y i dun wan my semester to start...cause wen it does..i cant meet mr.youtube all the time..i need to date my books!!! arrrghh! but for the meantime..ENJOY! =D

-thanks faithful listener-

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