Wednesday, May 26, 2010

happy 1 year old, baby blog... :)

its been a year since i started this blog..time really flies!!! i din even realise it til i flipped tru the pages of my diary n i marked this special date..

my blog is stories of my bitter sweet journey in life...this is the place wer is pour out my sorrows, confusion and sumtimes anger...*emo* haha...but most of the time..after i spill out everything tru blogging..i feel much much better..i can smile to the people im anger with..i can even focus on my priorities wen sorrows and burdens weigh my shoulders..n most importantly..i make my readers and frens laugh at the silly things i do n also the fun n happiness im in...

im looking forward to blogging more each day.. :) hope u peeps are looking forward to reading my blog too... :)

thank you, my faithful listener!!! -xoxo-

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