Monday, May 10, 2010

BMW - an exploration of beauty!

this is my 1st tip top classy event.. :) thanks BMW! its an exhibition of BMW collection from 1972 til 2010...

this is from 1982..the 2nd generation..

this is from 1988..the year i was born!! :)

after walking around mingling and tasting yummy finger was time for our 6 course fine European dining...

our setting was on a long table..can fit 120 people i guess..

check out the dining many!!

here is sumting funny..haha..i went for this posh event with wen yih..i guess its her 1st fine dining we were looking around n making funny comments..n we spotted this!!

what do u think this is???
a bell to call the waiter??

place for butter!!! hahaha XD

pls admit ya..those who had the same thoughts as us..haha... :P time to check out the menu.... :) 6 course fine dining....

fresh shucked oysters with caviar, lemon pearls and pickled Japanese cucumber

tea smoked salmon with confit potatoes and salmon roe

black rice risotto with grilled prawns, baby squid and black mussel

mandarin orange sorbet with confit zest

grilled betel leaf wrapped tenderloin with savoy cabbage and Indonesian black nut sauce

1) chocolate terrain with pistachio mousse
2) white chocolate cheesecake with dark chocolate sauce
3) french toast with roast apple

dark chocolate with tiramisu flakes

this is my favorite!!! :) was time for the launching to explore beauty..hehe..BMW 5 series 2010!!!



satisfaction!! :D

it was an awesome nite out for us....hoping for more dinners like this..hehe... :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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