Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teachers Day!!! :)

that picture above reminds me of a teacher i had in my secondary..he loves using the ruler..haha..the has a saying 'no ruler, no future'..haha... =P

i wanna thank all my teachers who haf poured in so much knowledge into my many lessons they haf taught me..i wanna thanks my kindy teachers..n of coz my mum..since she is also my teacher wen i was in Bluebells..hehe.. :) nex are my convent teachers..thanks so much for baring with a talkative one..haha..hard to resist spanking me rite?? haha...but their patience was awesome!!! nex are my mrsm teachers..especially to my homeroom, drama, n choir teachers..u guys are awesome..being far away from home..but being jus like one of ur child..made my experience in boarding school fun!!! n lastly my uniten lecturers!!! thanks for helping me wen studies get tough.. :) n of coz to all my frens who are teachers...enjoy ur great appreciation day!!!

thank God all my teachers haf these great values..haha

Happy Teachers Day!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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