Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sun Shades to fit your face!! :)

there are so many types of shades in the market now...sum mite make u look like a bumble bee or panda bear..hahaha...so u gotta choose the rite shades to look hot!!!

sexy like angelina jolie????

hot like jessica alba???

dun worry..i got u all sum tips on how to choose the best shades for urself... :) but before u start..u gotta know ur face shape..if u dun..find out here...


this works for every face - BUT be sure to choose a version that cover all your eyebrows..this fashion has survived decades of fashion cycles...

Oversize square

this type of shades flatters round and heart shaped faces..u'll look like the modern Jackie O..u will hide behind these large frames..


this style balances a strong jawline..these classic-cool shades will add the perfect dose of rock n roll to your look.. :)

This fashion shades are good for long and slim faces..this sporty option adds a touch of style wen you're out to brunch or sitting in the bleachers for a soccer game.. :P

i hope these tips helped u...enjoy dressing up under the sun..hehe..

-thanks faitfhful listener-

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