Tuesday, May 4, 2010

kilos addition in IPOH.. =P

i wen to visit my aunties in ipoh las weekend...n i explored sum new food!!! :) usually i will love my 'dried lou shu fun'..but this time..we were at ipoh parade...so we tried sumthing new..

steamboat @ MP restaurant

look like sushi?? its all the raw food u put into the soup

this is the price list..they count per plate too.. :P

i also had my own pot too..
there were 3 types of soup
1) herbal
2) chicken
3) tom yam
*thumbs up*

three of us ate for about RM70...it was really healthy n yummy!! :) if u happen to be in ipoh..try it out!! :)

heard about tanjung tualang? its really famous for its seafood...its a seafood village mar!! :P my aunties wanted to bring me there a couple of times already..but every time the plan comes up..another plan wil come in the way...but finally i managed to try the superb seafood! we tried Restaurant Yew Kei...


i love this!! big head prawns..haha

steam prawns with cooking wine

asam siakap fish.. *drools*

marmite pork ribs

salted egg fried crab

'wan tau long'..their speciality..
*a must try!*

oh no..now u noe how i added on the kilos...haha...gotta shed it off...diet!!! okie...i gotta stop writing..need to ceep soon! nitez peeps...

-thanks faithful listener-

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