Thursday, May 6, 2010

International NO Diet Day!!

blue ribbon this time... :)

i guess im the happiest on earth..haha...its means i can jus eat without thinking??? hahaha...but the actually meaning of this day raise the awareness of the dangers of reduce weight discrimination..(so dun say..eee...she so fat..or..oh no! she's an aneroxic!!)..and most important..its a free day for dieting and obsessing over weight issues... :P

so does it mean today i can eat all these?????

cheese burger...gulps!

fried platter..

wow!!! a tower of ice cream

extra cheese crust please..hehe

milky milky chocolates.. :)

nasi lemak with ayam

the answer is stil NO...haha...cause i wil cry trying to burn off those calories 2moro...but a little of it i guess its OK...haha... :P

jus to share my happiness after so much of worries enveloping me...
1) i got a free ticket to watch "UNGU", an indonesian band perform live in bukit jalil...thanks afwanissa
2) i watched the preview "mother and child" movie free...thanks to
3) im gonna have a free beautifully refined dinner tonight..thanks to BMW

thanks peeps for cheering me up.. :) take care n remember to count ur blessings! im sure u cant finish thanking the Lord for His blessings...

-thanks faithful listener-

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