Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fun at work

working in south gardens tower has been fun!! haha...of coz sumtimes dealing with research and programming can b tiring...but since we are so near 2 shopping malls..'the gardens' and 'mid valley'..we are quite up to date with events goin on in the center courts..haha..and sumtimes..we eat yummy food too.. (but most of the time..its the staff foodcourt)

me n anita @ nandos

love the's fashion week

cute bear.. :)

from 26th April to 30th had a contest to win tickets for movie at the premier gsc signature for 'mother and child' movie...i dun even noe if the movie will b nice..but since its premier class..n FREE...y not?? all the 4 of us..keep listening to the radio n sms wenever we heard the cue...n guess wat!! we (me n komala) we now got 8 tickets!! weee~!

dinner @ T.G.I.F

movie time..i wil rate it only 5/10
its slow moving larr... :(

premier class...hehe...

feel the fun we're having?? the others..hope ur enjoying ur industrial training too!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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