Friday, May 28, 2010

hello penang!!!

im home...after 4 and a half hours of bus journey...phew!! finally i can lie down on the bed!!! :) i arrived around 8.15 and my bro cam almost around 8.45!!! wonder wen is he punctual..hehehe... :P

den we went home to pick mum up for dinner..oh ya! mum is back from her 15 days europe tour...she has so much to sure she enjoyed! on the way to front of the greenlane mcd..sumone bang my bro's car from the back...we were all hungry but we still had to settle it 1st..haih... :( after the guys talked..they agreed upon RM200!! lucky sure the bang need more $$$ to repair..but bro said the guy doesnt look like he has more to bro is jus very kind..isnt he??? :)

den we went to Da Pan in town to haf was a really full n yummy dinner..or mebbe supper..hehe... :)

my cousin ~ me ~ mum ~ bro

2moro is a public holiday n i dun haf any plans...but since penang has a lot of temples..i dun think its very smart to b on the road tomoro n b caught in the heavy mebbe staying at home n catching up on more of my reality tv shows wud b awesome..hehehe...

for those celebrating wesak day...HAPPY WESAK DAY!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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